ACerS’ Ceramic Leadership Summit is fast approaching. Unlike purely technical meetings, the Ceramic Summit fosters a participative environments that delivers the opportunity to discuss, listen and learn with some of the most influential people in the field of ceramics and glass.

The Summit will host four general sessions:

  • Emerging Business and Technology Opportunities and Challenges for the Ceramics Community;
  • Materials for a Secure and Stable Energy Future;
  • The Future of Ceramic Education: Changing Needs, Changing Realities; and
  • Ten in Ten: Ceramic Technologies that Will Transform the World.

Over the next few weeks we will be highlighting each of the general sessions. Today’s spotlight is on Emerging Business and Technology Opportunities and Challenges for the Ceramics Community.

The Session will feature some of the best and brightest in the ceramics industry: Rodney Lanthorne, vice-chairman of Kyocera; Joel Moskowitz, CEO and president of Ceradyne; and David Morse, senior vice president and director of research at Corning Inc.

Lanthorne, Moskowitz and Morse will share their perspectives on the economic, political, societal, technological and environmental opportunities and challenges facing the ceramic materials and technologies community. Their talks will be followed by a facilitated dialogue with the audience.

The other three general sessions will have a similar presentation/facilitated discussion structure.

Summit participants will also have the chance to participate in affinity group lunches and extended Q&A periods, and identify potential strategic directions for your organization.

There will also be four concurrent tracks on the second day of the meeting:

  • Energy Innovations;
  • Defense Innovations;
  • Ceramic Frontiers; and
  • Business & Research Environment.

The Summit is open to all and has been designed to be particularly beneficial for business executives, senior researchers and academics, university administrators, government agency policy makers and ACerS leaders.

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