Are you a writer and/or scientist and/or materials wonk who wants to spread the word on the enormous number of innovations going on in ceramics, glass, fuel cells, hydrogen solar, bioceramics, nanotechnology and related materials and areas? Well, we are looking for you. It’s time for this blog to grow just a little bigger. Interested? We are looking for: science/tech savvy blogger(s) with the knowledge and time to find the latest news in ceramic materials innovations. We define ceramics fairly broadly. This includes anything from cements and building materials to glass to refractories to advanced ceramics, nanomaterials and electronics. Here are some general categories:

Basic Science: the chemistry and physics of ceramic materials including processing techniques, behavior, performance, and failure mechanisms.

Electronics: capacitors, superconductors, varistors, electronic packages, sensors, semiconductors and other electronic devices.

Engineering Ceramics: Coatings and structural ceramics that are of monolithic or composite composition, including fields such as automotive components, bioceramics, aerospace, armor, and commercial products.

Glass & Optical: includes fiber optics, the encapsulation of nuclear and hazardous wastes in glasses and the interaction of glass and ceramics in biosystems.

Nuclear & Environmental: nuclear ceramics in energy production and medicine. Current uses of ceramics in this field include fuel and absorber materials for fission reactors as isotopic heat sources and for safe encapsulation of nuclear and hazardous waste materials.

Refractory Ceramics: the science, production and application of ceramics for use at elevated temperatures and in other hostile environments. Refractories are used in the iron, steel, aluminum, and other nonferrous metals industries as well as the minerals processing, glass, cement, and petrochemical industries.

Structural Clay: Emphasizes the most efficient and economical ways to manufacture brick, pipe, red-body tile, and other structural clay products.

Whitewares & Materials: Concentrates on finding ways to improve the production of whiteware products and the production and processing of minerals, materials, and additives used in manufacturing ceramic products. FYI – we are NOT interested in ceramic “arts” posts. We have a sister organization (Ceramic Monthly and Ceramic Arts Daily) that publishes great magazines and websites for potters and sculptors. Contact them directly if that is your interest. This is a very much a part-time, paid-by-the-post position (Approx. $15 per post, 2-3 posts per week expected). And, we prefer you to have a life outside of blogging that involves you with ceramics in some way. We like enthusiasts. We also like people that have an international perspective.

You need:

  • A commitment to/knowledge of ceramic and related materials
  • A good for the interesting and useful
  • A good instinct to detect PR and exaggeration versus facts
  • A strong blog-style writing skills
  • A good computer
  • A totally reliable high-speed connection
  • A digital camera
  • Photoshop, or access to similar photo editing software
  • A knowledge of how to use all these things

Deadline: Monday, December 1 Please Submit:

  • Your name
  • Where you live
  • How long you have been reading Ceramic Tech Weekly
  • You science and/or materials background and knowledge
  • What you do in the offline world
  • Two sample CTW-type posts with great pictures or illustrations (good photos are very important and can usually be obtained from the info source) in jpeg format. Keep it 200 words max. Please submit posts written specifically for this and not for another blog. Look to CTW for the general style and format of posts for submission.

Send to: and please put “CTW EDITOR” in the subject header. We will confirm your email, and then review, asking our top choices to try out live on the blog for a final sort.