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Video: Diffraction glasses enhance any 4th of July fireworks display

07-03 Diffraction glasses fireworks

[Image above] Credit: Douglas Stith, YouTube

Time to fire up your grill and stock up on sparklers—tomorrow is Independence Day, the official birthday of the United States!

Once dusk sets on July 4th, family and friends will gather to watch the time-honored tradition of fireworks bursting in spectacular colors across the night sky.

However, for some people, seeing the same fireworks display year in and year out may lose some of its excitement. But fear not—there is a fun (and legal) way to spice up your town’s yearly fireworks show!

Diffraction glasses are a popular science toy commonly handed out in goody bags and at science fairs to educate about the physics of light.

The lenses in diffraction glasses are marked with thousands of thin, slit-like openings that cause light to split into its individual spectrum of colors.

Credit: Cmglee, Wikimedia (CC BY-SA 3.0)

While many people use diffraction glasses to turn their lamps and ceiling lights into sparkly rainbows, diffraction glasses can enhance the colors in a fireworks display as well!

Check out the difference diffraction glasses make in the video below.

Credit: Douglas Stith, YouTube

When looking for diffraction glasses, remember there are various types you can buy—how do heart-shaped fireworks sound to you?

Credit: Mike Augustine, YouTube

Happy Independence Day!