08-02 science

[Image above] Credit: Freepik

The simultaneous theatrical release of “Barbie” and “Oppenheimer” on July 21 has dominated movie discussions during the past month, with critics calling it the cinematic event of the summer.

This overwhelming focus on so-called Barbenheimer means other cinematic events have slipped under the radar—such as the annual SCINEMA festival that opened online yesterday.

SCINEMA is an international science film festival based in Australia. It was founded in 2000 to provide a platform on which filmmakers—professional, amateur, and student—can showcase their science films. Originally hosted by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO), the Royal Institution of Australia assumed ownership of the festival in 2016.

Throughout the month of August, anyone around the world can register and watch the films for free through the SCINEMA website. You do not have to watch the films alone—the SCINEMA website actively encourages people to hold film nights with family, friends, or through a local community center.

After registering and gaining access, I scrolled through the list of this year’s entries and discovered an expansive range of topics, from cutting-edge cancer treatments to asteroid deflection plans. Several films that caught my eye include

  • Through the Glass: Looking at the new technologies being incorporated into the glass around us and how it can change our everyday lives. (Duration: 26:30)
  • Thread Circle: Exploring formulas for the area and circumference of circles reveals a model for dismantling complexity and taking on new ideas. (Duration: 17:10)
  • Molecular Chirality: A Scientific Documentary: Chiral molecules come in left- and right-handed forms; discriminating between them can make the difference between life and death. (Duration: 13:52)
  • There Are No Dumb Subjects: Dismantling the pre-conception that some subjects in school are more important than others. (Duration: 07:57)
  • Why Do I Always Spill My Coffee? Oxford math Ph.D. student Sophie Abrahams explains why it’s so easy to spill drinks while walking and shares the key to not spilling our coffee. (Duration: 02:20)

Explore the almost 60 entries for yourself by registering at this link. Enjoy!