Video: MS&T18 day two: Expo opens, disc golf, mug drop, posters—It’s all about networking! | The American Ceramic Society

Video: MS&T18 day two: Expo opens, disc golf, mug drop, posters—It’s all about networking!


[Image above] Credit: ACerS


The Expo and students ruled day two of MS&T18.

The Expo opened yesterday and welcomed visitors with a lunch and late afternoon welcome reception. Visitors had the opportunity to see the latest in equipment for conducting their research and talk with vendors about their needs. At the Expo, visitors can shop for just about everything their lab needs from furnaces to lab equipment to the latest in characterization equipment, software, and resources.

The exhibit floor also hosts student events, including the two-day poster session and several “feats of [ceramic] strength”—the popular mug drop contest and disc golf contest.

Between the poster session, the mug drop and disc golf contest, students were busy engaging with each other and having a lot of fun!

We bring you more photos from day two and make sure you check out this week’s video to see how the students fared in the mug drop and disc golf contests.


Many students hung out around the posters to make new friends and catch up with old friends.

The exhibitors were happy to talk about their products and services to the visitors who stopped by to chat with them.


And did we mention the mug drop and disc golf competitions? We’ll just let the photos and video below do the talking.


Congratulations to the following winners of the student competitions:

Material Advantage graduate student poster competition

  • 1st place: Somnath Mandal, Indian Institute of Technology
  • 2nd place: Dishary Banerjee, Washington State University
  • 3rd place: Kai Gong, Princeton University

Material Advantage undergraduate student poster competition

  • 1st place: Nicholas Etrick, University of Florida
  • 2nd place: Justin Plante, Universite Laval
  • 3rd place: Tanner Livingston, University of Utah

Material Advantage undergraduate student speaking contest

  • 1st place: Susan Rankin, Virginia Tech
  • 2nd place: Alison Nunes, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • 3rd place: Mikio LaCapra, Rutgers University
  • 4th place: Katie Kirchner, Pennsylvania State University

Material Advantage ceramic mug drop contest

  • 1st place: Emily Bautista, Virginia Tech
  • Most aesthetic mug: Kelsey Cannon, Colorado School of Mines

Material Advantage ceramic disc golf contest

  • 1st place: Danny Drury, Missouri S&T
  • Most aesthetic disc: Michelle Such, University of Connecticut

Watch the video below to catch all of the action at the mug drop and disc golf competitions!

Credit all images: ACerS