Morgan Advanced Materials announces range of precision glass tubing and rods for electronics, telecommunications, and aerospace

Morgan Advanced Material’s Technical Ceramics business offers a range of precision glass tubing and rods for electronics, telecommunications, and aerospace applications, including miniature fuse bodies, glass-to-metal seals in integrated circuit packages, glass lenses for erasable/programmable read only memory (EPROM), and read only memory. Compositions of borosilicate, including those made of K-glass material, are used for Kovar sealing, microwave, and fuse casing applications. Soda-lime compositions can be used for dumet sealing, a known method to seal copper leads using soda-lime or lead glass, and compression seals, while soda barium options are ideal for compression seals.

Fritsch Milling and Sizing opens second subsidiary in China

In addition to its subsidiary in Beijing, Fritsch Milling and Sizing now has an office in Shanghai, China. Two markets will be managed from Shanghai: The South Chinese market as well as Hong Kong, which is only 120 km away. Furtherl expansion of the company’s presence in China is  already planned:  medium-term plans include that one or two additional  offices in China.

Research and Markets: Cutting Tools Volume I – Executive Summary: 2013-2018

The report presents a detailed overview of the global market for cutting tools by product type, total consumption value, demand trends, end-user markets, regions, workpiece materials, and competition. Products covered include: solid tools and indexable inserts; milling, turning and drilling tools. Grades include carbide, ceramic, cermet, cBN/PcBN, diamond and steel. Products are analyzed by country and end-use markets. Market trends and forecasts are provided for the years 2013-2018.

Toyota exec stresses hydrogen fuel-cell future, slams critics

( Just in case there was any doubt that Toyota sees the future of green cars as powered by hydrogen fuel–not grid electricity–a company executive reiterated the point in a speech during the recent Detroit Auto Show. As reported by Reuters, not only did Toyota’s senior vice president for automotive operations Bob Carter predict that hydrogen-fueled cars could come to be as successful as its pioneering Prius hybrid, he slammed “naysayers” and called out other industry executives by name. Those naysayers, in Carter’s view, include Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk, Nissan’s CEO Carlos Ghosn, and even Jonathan Browning, the now-departed president of Volkswagen’s North American operations.

Fracking’s thirst for water: Investors warned of the hidden financial risks

( Some of the nation’s driest, drought-plagued places have quickly become its busiest hot spots of drilling for shale gas and oil, especially in Texas, Colorado and California. It’s a dust-bowl-sized problem likely to become worse, according to a study released Wednesday by the nonprofit sustainability advocacy group firm Ceres. Fracking, the controversial drilling technique, is consuming billions of gallons of water each year in states where water is increasingly scarce. The report warns that investors need to demand information about how energy companies are managing this problem or risk their investment portfolios being clobbered.