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Ceramics and glass business news of the week


Wohlers Report 2014 uncovers annual growth of 34.9% for 3D printing and additive manufacturing industry

Wohlers Associates, Inc. has released its Wohlers Report 2014. The new publication provides an in-depth review and analysis of the additive manufacturing industry worldwide. It includes industry growth, competitive products and services, and a futuristic perspective on an industry that has created tremendous interest and excitement in the recent past. The market for 3D printing, consisting of all products and services worldwide, grew to $3.07 billion last year, according to the new report. The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 34.9% is the highest in 17 years. Wohlers Report 2014 is a comprehensive study that covers all aspects of 3D printing, including its history, applications, processes, materials, and manufacturers.

GT Advanced Technologies announces larger capacity ASF165 sapphire furnace

GT Advanced Technologies will be make its next generation ASF165 sapphire growth furnace, for the production of high volume and high quality sapphire material, commercially available in Q3’14. The new system will deliver a 40% increase in boule size when compared to the ASF115, extending GT’s ability to provide sapphire production tools. The ASF165 is expected to be capable of producing high quality 165 kilogram boules in high volume. The product is currently in the beta testing stage and is expected to be ready for volume shipments beginning in Q3 2014. 


China emerges as major ceramic supplier to India, says Assocham analysis

In the past six years the import value of Chinese ceramic products into India has grown from $237 million in 2007 to $484 million in 2012, a rise of 66%, according to a recent analysis by the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (Assocham). The Chinese import has clocked a compounded annual growth rate of over 15%. Ceramics industry in India is a diverse one containing several categories of products, like sanitaryware, refractories, advanced ceramics and ceramic tiles. Besides this, ceramic products are manufactured both in the large and small-scale sector with wide variation in type, size, quality and standard.


Nanotube-infused clothing may protect against chemical weapons

Scientists at the National Institute of Standards and Technology have demonstrated a way to engineer carbon nanotubes to dismantle the molecules of a major class of nerve agent chemicals. In principle, the nanotubes could be woven into clothing that destroys the nerve agents on contact before they reach the skin. The team’s experiments show that nanotubes can be combined with a copper-based catalyst able to break apart a key chemical bond in the class of nerve agents, including Sarin. A small amount of catalyst can break this bond in a large number of molecules, potentially rendering a nerve agent far less harmful. Because nanotubes further enhance the breakdown capability of the catalyst and can be woven into fabric easily, the findings could help protect military personnel involved in cleanup operations.


Vetrotech Saint-Gobain names new distributor in Texas

Vetrotech Saint-Gobain announced it has formed a new partnership with Complete Line Glass Wholesalers Inc. Complete Line Glass, which has facilities in San Antonio, Houston and Grand Prairie, is now UL certified to cut, label and distribute the Keralite Select product line for Vetrotech.

More Americans going online to find cremation urns

Cremation has become commonplace, and more people are shopping online for cremation urns. Two years ago, 43 percent of Americans were cremated. By 2017, it is expected, there will be more cremations than burials. In Traverse City, Michigan, Stardust Memorials has built its entire business around selling cremation urns online. Stardust Memorials did $1 million in sales last year, and expects to double that this year.