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Ceramics and glass business news of the week


Corning Inc. opens Innovation Support Center

A one-story brick building once used to manufacture glass labware as part of Corning Inc.’s Life Science’s business has taken a new role in the company. The Big Flats facility, built in 1958, stopped glass manufacturing in 2009. The building is now the Corning Innovation Support Center—a place where the manufacturing processes to make new Corning products are developed. The location provides a bridge for technology that is ready to move beyond development in the labs at Sullivan Park, but not yet ready to go into full-scale production in a factory setting.

HTC One M8 Prime to come with an aluminium silicon carbide construction

Now that rumors and leaks regarding the Samsung GALAXY S5 have simmered down, it looks like its HTC’s turn to enjoy the limelight. Twitter leaker EvLeaks had a conversation with HTC’s Senior Global Online Communications Manager Jeff Gordon. The leaker seems to have silenced the accusations made by the HTC manager, who claimed that his leaks were incorrect, while leaking out a number of features of the upcoming HTC M8 Prime handset in the process.

Japanese car giants team up on green engines

Japan’s eight carmakers have joined forces to develop environmentally friendly engines to stave off fierce competition from foreign rivals. Two of Japan’s leading universities will join Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Suzuki, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Daihatsu, and Fuji Heavy in the project, which is mainly aimed at slashing engine emissions to meet tougher environmental standards, the business daily Nikkei reported. By 2020 the group, which includes the University of Tokyo and Waseda University, plans to develop technology that can cut diesel engine carbon dioxide emissions by 30 percent from 2010 levels.

PPG donates $65,000 for STEM education programs for girls

The PPG Industries Foundation donated $65,000 for educational programs that aim to teach girls about science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) and encourage them to pursue careers in related fields. The initial grant, to Twin Cities Public Television in Minnesota, supports national programming of “SciGirls,” a PBS television show for young people ages 8-13 that showcases girls using science and engineering in their daily lives.

NETZSCH announces HI TEMP 2014 conference

NETZSCH has gathered a panel of speakers to present their most recent findings from within the field of high-temperature materials at the third HI TEMP 2014 conference. The conference will take place from September 17–19, 2014, in Santa Fe, N.M. and will include presentations about cutting-edge results in areas such as thermoelectric materials, thermal barriers, nuclear fuels, and advanced ceramics. The state of the art in high-temperature characterization methods will be examined, with a focus on thermal analysis.

Kerela high court orders probe on impact of clay mining in Kundara, India

Large open pits left behind after clay mining would cause serious threat to the ecological balance in the locality, says the Kerala high court. Deep mining of land to extract china clay (kaolin) has become common in many areas in Thiruvananthapuram and Kollam districts, where large reserves of china clay are present. Kerala Ceramics Ltd was charged with creating an ecological imbalance by leaving deep open pits behind after mining. The company used to fill the pits and trenches using dug out earth, but is now alleged to sell the earth instead.

Chinese ceramics leaders show future direction with Xaar partnership

Xaar, a ceramics inkjet printhead specialist, has announced its partnership with two Chinese ceramics industry manufacturers—Keda Clean Energy and Guangdong Wanxing Inorganic Pigment—to further product development. Keda Clean Energy is a leading supplier and integrator of equipment for every stage of ceramic tile production lines. Guangdong Wanxing Inorganic Pigment is a producer of ceramics pigments for worldwide markets.