LG Display unveils 18-inch flexible OLED panels, with 60-inch version coming soon

LG Display has developed a 18-inch flexible OLED panel that is rollable as well as a 18-inch transparent OLED panel. “We are confident that by 2017, we will successfully develop an Ultra HD flexible and transparent OLED panel of more than 60 inches, which will have transmittance of more than 40 percent and a curvature radius of 100R, thereby leading the future display market,” says senior VP In-Byung Kang.

Bayer produces blast-resistant safety glass for US embassies

Bayer’s materials science chemists are trying to sell the U.S. State Department on a polycarbonate plastic, Makrolon, that it says will protect buildings such as diplomatic offices. Bayer believes a thicker, blast-resistant laminate version of the plastic that it sells to protect bank and ticket windows, jewelry stores, taxicabs, and safe rooms can provide protection for buildings and embassies. The material is half the weight of glass and twice as strong.

Minerals Make Life urges Congress to pass critical minerals legislation

Minerals Make Life, a diverse group of 38 companies and organizations, representing nearly every sector of the American economy, asked Congress to send critical minerals legislation to President Barack Obama for his signature. The message was delivered in a coalition letter from the 38 signatories representing interests from the defense, energy, transportation, infrastructure, agriculture, technology, academic, electronics, finance, and medical sectors. 

Bucher Emhart Glass announces changes to its refractories division

Bucher Emhart Glass, the leading global supplier of machinery and equipment to the glass manufacturing industry, is pleased to announce changes to the management team, sales structure, pricing model, and product distribution of its refractories division. Lajos Giczi is promoted to Global Business Manager Refractories, with responsibility for all refractory manufacturing and field sales. 

Morgan announces availability of Superwool fiber papers for expansion joints, back-up insulation & gaskets

Morgan Advanced Materials announced the availability of Superwool fiber papers, a low bio-persistent solution ideal for use in ceramics, glass and metals manufacturing processes, as well as in commercial automotive and consumer goods applications. Their wide variety of uses includes expansion joints, back-up insulation, gasket applications, and heat shields for kilns, home appliances, and even air bags. 

The Building Information Modeling for Masonry project update

The Building Information Modeling for Masonry project continues gaining momentum with the New York State Industry Development Concrete Masonry Association pledging to continue sponsorship and International Masonry and Duke Concrete Products of Queensbury, New York coming on board as a new sponsor. The initiative is identifying barriers to and strategies for the full implementation of masonry materials and systems into BIM software for the design and construction industries.

Samena picks up 30.6% stake in world’s largest ceramics maker, RAK Ceramics

Investment firm Samena Capital has acquired 25 crore shares, aggregating to 30.6 per cent stake, in the world’s largest ceramics maker, RAK Ceramics, for an undisclosed sum. The acquisition in RAK Cermaics was made through Samena Capital’s subsidiary, Samena Limestone Holdings, and its consortium of international investors, including two Gulf sovereign wealth funds.