Here’s what we are hearing (some information from news releases):

L&L Kiln introduces the Corona kiln

This fiber-lined kiln reaches 2012°F. Heat up time is quick: 15 minutes to 1600°F; 30 minutes to 1900°F. Inside dimensions are 7-3/4″ wide by 8-1/4″ deep by 5-3/4″ high. It weighs approximately 35 pounds and ships by UPS. This kiln is ideal for various precious metal clay firing, low fire small ceramic work, heat treating and glass work. The included automatic program control is an Orton Autofire Express with five Precious Metal Clay programs, three ACS programs and 12 custom programs. Each program has 8 segments with a ramp, soak and set point for each segment.

Surmet strengthens fabrication capability for transparent ceramic armor and IR optics products

Surmet, the manufacturer of ALON and magnesia Spinel, announces significant expansion of its optical fabrication capabilities, in each of its manufacturing facilities across three states in the US, (Murrieta, CA, Burlington, MA, and Buffalo, NY), occupying a total of over 100,000 sq. ft. All facilities are ISO 9001:2008 certified. Surmet’s precision fabrication capability includes a wide variety of shapes and sizes ranging in complexity from transparent ceramic armor windows, through prisms, lenses, hemispherical and hyper-hemispherical domes and windows for sensors, lasers and reconnaissance. Surmet’s fabrication capability extends beyond optical ceramics to materials such as sapphire, silicon and germanium.

Mastersizer 3000 wins award for innovation

Malvern, exhibiting at this year’s Powtech/Technopharm event is showing off its new Mastersizer 3000 on the Malvern stand. As part of the event, the Malvern team collected an Innovation Award for the Mastersizer 3000, which has the widest measurement range on the market in a single instrument (10 nanometers to 3.5 milllimeters), offering major advances in dry dispersion, and featuring software that brings Malvern expertise direct to the user during measurements, were all contributing factors in the Mastersizer 3000’s success.

Rubicon Technology ships 200,000th large diameter sapphire wafer

Rubicon announced that it has shipped a total of 200,000 six-inch sapphire wafers to the LED manufacturing industry. Sapphire, the base material used for the majority of LEDs, is used in consumer products such as LED-based lighting, HDTVs, laptops, netbooks, smart phones and tablets, and automotive lighting. Rubicon was instrumental in the development of large diameter sapphire wafers for use in the RFIC market and further developed the process to serve other markets requiring large diameter sapphire wafers, such as LED lighting and other semiconductor applications.

Enabled by Cabot’s aerogel, Sto launches innovative composite insulation system

Cabot Corp.’s aerogel is featured in Sto AG Deutschland’s new internal building insulation system. The super slim system, called StoTherm In Aevero, comprises a composite board combining Cabot’s aerogel particles for superior energy-savings performance with Sto’s binder and composite technology, resulting in an insulation board that offers greater energy efficiency than traditional materials. Cabot’s aerogel enables an ultra-low thermal conductivity of 0.016 W/mK (R9). Sto’s innovative binder technology and the system design afford permeability and moisture management, thereby managing humidity according to building requirements. The thin profile of the product allows improved insulation especially when interior space is at a premium.

High-temperature adhesive bonds aluminum oxide ceramics

Resisting temperatures to 3,200°F, Ceramabond 503 is applied by brush, spatula, or syringe and cures fully in 1-2 hours at 700°F. Inorganic, water-dispersed, aluminum oxide filled adhesive can achieve tensile-shear strength of 900 psi by curing further at 1,000°F. Inert and chemical resistant, Ceramabond 503 will not outgas in ultrahigh vacuum. Product features volume resistivity of 109 ohm cm and dielectric strength of 250 V/mil.