Industrial minerals market embraces new provider of information and events

Imformed is a new source of information and networking events dedicated to the global industrial minerals business was launched in January 2015. Topically focused forums for the mineral logistics, oilfield, and foundry markets have been announced for 2015. Not so new are Imformed’s founders, Mike O’Driscoll and Ismene Clarke, with over 40 years combined experience in delivering added value information and potent networking events.

Morgan Advanced Materials offers ceramic-to-metal feedthroughs and connectors for oil and gas applications

Morgan Advanced Materials’ ceramic-to-metal brazed assemblies for hermetically sealed electrical feedthroughs and connectors are suited for use in oil and gas applications, whether in subsea or above ground environments. Used for downhole drilling pumps and flow meter interfaces in well analysis equipment, Morgan’s feedthroughs and connectors are ideal for the high pressure, high temperature, and highly corrosive conditions found in the oil and gas market.

Innovnano announces its certification to ISO 9001 standards

Innovnano, a manufacturer of high performance ceramic powders, announces its certification by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance to ISO 9001 standards. This accreditation demonstrates Innovnano’s commitment to producing the highest quality nanostructured ceramic powders and products and highlights its support for continuous progress in the development of advanced ceramic materials.

Silrath AK60SiC refractory brick anchors

Rath Inc. recently introduced Silrath AK60SiC refractory brick anchors. This andalusite/silicon carbide anchor is well-suited to support monolithic linings in a variety of applications. Silrath AK60SiC has very low open porosity, the chemistry is ideal for reducing conditions, and it is highly resistant to alkali attack, thermal shock, and abrasion. The anchors offer similar thermal expansion as monolithic linings and so increase service life of the lining.

Carbolite Gero representation in North America

The recent merger of Carbolite GmbH, the German sales organization of Carbolite Ltd., and Gero Hochtemperaturöfen GmbH into Carbolite Gero GmbH & Co. KG has given rise to the availability of Gero high-temperature and vacuum furnace systems to North America for the first time. As a result of the merger, Verder Scientific Inc., under which Carbolite Gero operates, now offers Retsch, Carbolite, and Carbolite Gero equipment.