Rath introduces Prioform non-RCF vacuum formed shapes

The Rath Group introduced new Prioform products made of refractory ceramic fiber-free vacuum-formed material available in any shape from cylinders to boards. Prioform is classified to 1400°C with a maximum application temperature to 1300°C. It has high long-term stability with low long-term shrinkage, high chemical stability, and it is free of refractory ceramic fiber. It has been designed for insulation in industrial furnaces, laboratory kilns, household appliances, and thermal analytical equipment.

Dates added for in-depth viscosity measurement training from Brookfield

Brookfield Engineering offers additional dates for its Practical Course on Viscosity Measurements. This course is designed to help Brookfield viscometer users comprehend the functionality of their instrument, solve the mysteries of fluid behavior and rheology, and create successful and repeatable viscosity test methods. The course is offered at Brookfield’s headquarters in Middleboro, Mass. and at major cities across the U.S. Dates and more information can be found on the website.

TevTech delivers furnace to Youngstown State University Center for Innovation in Additive Manufacturing

TevTech LLC has delivered a laboratory sintering furnace to Youngstown State University’s Center for Innovation in Additive Manufacturing. The sintering furnace includes an 8” diameter by 12” high hot zone, temperature capability to 2,600°C, PLC control system, and a touchscreen HMI. The sintering system will be used by Youngstown State University in conjunction with 3-D printers in their Center for Innovation in Additive Manufacturing. This equipment will enable sintering of high temperature metals and advanced ceramics fabricated with ExOne M-Flex and X1-Lab binder jetting 3-D printers.

AGC to present new relationship between information and glass space in Milan

Asahi Glass Company, manufacturer of glass, chemicals and high-tech materials, will present a space design exhibition using its new glass products at the upcoming Milan Design Week in Italy. Glascene and infoverre, born out of the idea of changing glass walls and windows into a stylish medium for communicating information, will create a new relationship between information and glass space that will overturn conventional concepts of digital signage.

Kyocera introduces 4.2” and 5.0” TFT LCD displays for outdoor applications

Kyocera introduced two small-form-factor TFT LCD displays that offer high performance and robust design for industrial markets. Both products are designed to perform in harsh environment and extreme temperature applications, including outdoor control panels, construction and agricultural equipment, avionics, and other devices that require reliable performance in punishing environments.

An inside look at Schott’s innovative aircraft lighting system

Scandinavian Airlines’ completely retrofit A330 flew from Copenhagen, Denmark, to Newark, N.J., last month. The plane, named Erik Viking, is the first to be fit with Schott’s new cabin lighting system, HelioJet SpectrumCC. The system offers homogeneous light quality produced by combining special optics and LED technology.