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Ceramics and glass business news of the week


TEAM Day 2015—Symposium and platform for advanced ceramics technology

TEAM by Sacmi, an alliance of the Sacmi group companies, is organizing TEAM Day 2015, which will provide interesting presentations covering a broad range of themes regarding advanced ceramics and the related technology. TEAM Day 2015 will take place in direct connection with the Ceramitec Fair in Munich, Germany on October 19, 2015. Participation is free, and participants will additionally receive a voucher for free access to the Ceramitec fair.

Corning Inc. acquires iBwave Solutions Inc.

Corning Incorporated has acquired iBwave Solutions Inc. The terms of the acquisition agreement were not released. Based in Montreal, Canada, iBwave is an industry leader in design software for in-building wireless solutions for a wide range of customers and system integrators. iBwave will operate under its current name as a wholly owned subsidiary of Corning, reporting to Corning’s Optical Communications business segment. iBwave will continue to serve its customers from its Canadian headquarters under the same leadership.

New York Ceramics Corridor to receive $500,000 in federal funding

Rep. Tom Reed (R-NY) recently procured $500,000 in federal funding through the Economic Development Administration’s i6 Challenge to assist his home state’s regional ceramics manufacturing industry in boosting innovation and further develop current projects. The funding will bridge the Ceramics Corridor to Cornell University, Corning Incorporated, and Binghamton University to encourage expansion of regional industry startups.

US ceramic proppants review from IMFORMED

IMFORMED’s Mike O’Driscoll discusses U.S. ceramic proppant leaders and the industry outlook. All of the U.S. major ceramic proppant producers have been forced to idle capacity in the face of falling demand, representing about a 23% drop in total U.S. capacity. While ceramic proppant leaders have plenty of capacity to play with, and can always switch on idled plants, Oxane Materials seems to have ceased ceramic proppant manufacturing altogether and is possibly facing legal action from local authorities.

US takes possible first step toward regulating nanochemicals

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is ratcheting up its scrutiny of nanoscale chemicals amid concerns that they could pose unique environmental and health risks. Late last month, the agency proposed requiring companies to submit data on industrial nanomaterials that they already make and sell. Observers say EPA’s move could be a prelude to tighter federal regulation of nanomaterials, which have begun to show up in consumer products.

Morgan Advanced Materials announces lightweight, mechanically strong and thermally stable kiln furniture

Morgan Advanced Materials announces the availability of a wide range of kiln furniture made from special, high performance formulations of HalSic silicon carbide and Alsint alumina. Components made with Morgan’s HalSic material can be manufactured with a reduced wall thickness, resulting in lower heat absorption. They also have higher thermal shock resistance, which allows increased heating rates.