Army researchers develop cold-spray system, transition to industry

The U.S. Army Research Laboratory has developed a novel, hybrid cold-spray system, in collaboration with the South Dakota School of Mines, that is being transitioned throughout DOD and is anticipated to save millions of dollars in sustainment costs. Cold spray is being used to repair expensive and hard-to-acquire components on military aircraft, vehicles and even submarines, which would otherwise be scrapped.

Lucideon to host free seminar: ‘Sampling best practice for improved business performance’ on June 12

Within a manufacturing business, sampling is an activity used across many operations and in various applications: product and process R&D, raw material/process/product quality control, continuous improvement, competitor comparisons and failure investigations, and more. Lucideon will host a free seminar, “Sampling Best Practice for Improved Business Performance,” on Friday 12 June 2015 at its Stoke-on-Trent headquarters.

Iran opens its largest glass production plant

Iran has launched a glass fabrication plant described as the country’s largest, with President Hassan Rouhani calling on local producers to raise their competitiveness. Sahand Float Company in Tabriz in northwestern Iran will produce 220,000 tonnes of flat glass per year for building, automotive, security, and decoration use.

Schott coatings set new standard for mobile device cover glass

Schott’s new “Hard & Clear” coating solutions increase scratch resistance by more than 95 percent and reduce glare by 85 percent. Manufacturers can apply this new coating to any cover glass to give mobile devices a virtually scratch-free glass screen that users can see clearly even in direct sunlight.

ASEAN ceramics trade show set for Bangkok

A biennal ceramics trade show featuring the latest machinery, technology, and materials for manufacturing whiteware, heavy clay, and advanced ceramics will be held in Bangkok, September 9–11. This year’s show will be twice as big as the previous event and is expected to draw both ASEAN members and their trade partners.