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Ceramics and glass business news of the week


CoorsTek Membrane Sciences combines active ceramic membranes and electrochemistry

CoorsTek announced the creation of CoorsTek Membrane Sciences, a technology leader in ion-conducting ceramic membranes used in direct gas-to-chemicals and gas-to-liquids conversion applications. The group combines the hydrogen transport membrane and oxygen transport membrane technologies CoorsTek, Ceramatec, and Protia (both CoorsTek companies) have been developing over the past two decades and are now commercializing with energy and chemical producers.

NexTech Materials’ lithium ion battery off-gas sensor

NexTech Materials, Ltd. is pleased to announce that it has received a Phase II SBIR contract from the U.S. Navy for further development and field testing of its lithium ion battery off-gas sensing technology. In its Phase I project, NexTech leveraged its ceramic gas sensor technology platform to develop sensor devices aimed at battery health monitoring for Navy applications.

Kodak, Oak Ridge collaborate to attract start-ups

Kodak and the U.S. Energy Department’s largest science lab have announced a collaboration aimed at getting more high-tech start-up companies to locate in Rochester. Under a recently announced initiative, emerging clean energy companies will have access to resources at both Kodak’s Eastman Business Park and the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. The collaboration will focus on next-generation battery and energy storage devices and materials.

Schott offers complete range of highly sophisticated interference filters

Schott develops and manufactures high-quality customized interference filters for use in a growing number of high-end research and industrial applications. The filters can be used in the field of astronomy, such as in the T80/JAST telescope, which was recently put into operation in Spain. They are also used in everything from coatings for high-performance laser applications to medical diagnostics technology, such as sophisticated fluorescence filters and Raman filters.

H.C. Starck and Metasphere Technology partner in 3-D printing of metal powders

H.C. Starck has decided to acquire a minority share in Swedish metals company Metasphere Technology, which has developed a new method for producing spherical metal powders. The two companies, while not releasing specifics of their deal, have announced that H.C. Starck will retain sales rights for new material produced with Metasphere’s proprietary methods at a new production line the partners are planning to build in Lulea, Sweden.