NexTech awarded NASA contract to develop methane/oxygen fuel cell system

NexTech Materials Ltd. has initiated work on Phase II SBIR project, sponsored by NASA, that is aimed at development of a high efficiency fuel cell system operating on liquid methane and oxygen reactants. In Phase I of this project, NexTech designed a methane/oxygen SOFC system. In Phase II a 3-D CAD model of the methane/oxygen SOFC system will be built and the stack built and tested.

Sacmi and Sasil turn glass fiber manufacturing waste into raw materials

Sasil SpA, based in Brusnengo (Biella, Italy), in association with Sacmi Team, has completed experimentation of an innovative, self-developed process aimed at recovering waste from glass fiber manufacturing firms. The team designed a neutralization kiln that heat-treats such waste to give a product that is fully re-utilizable as a raw material. The work is published in an article in Glass Worldwide.

Schott offers single source for all active and passive glass components for lasers

Schott now offers a full range of coated materials for use in laser applications. By expanding its coating technologies, Schott can produce components for laser applications that feature extremely high laser damage thresholds and resistance. This technology can be used in simple components, such as optical mirrors, as well as complex materials, like active laser glass.

Riedhammer presents the new generation of indirectly heated DRA rotary kilns

Riedhammer—a Sacmi Group company and designer and producer of industrial kilns for special ceramics—has developed a new generation of indirectly heated rotary kilns, designed to fire in separated and controlled atmospheres, that are based on the proven DRA rotary tube. The DRA range now allows manufacturers to manage the firing process in a separated atmosphere even in multi-stage controlled-atmosphere firing operations.

SAMA’s new generation of isostatic presses takes the market

SAMA Maschinenbau, a designer and producer of machines and complete plants for the manufacture of tableware and technical ceramics, has boosted its market share thanks to new isostatic pressing solutions. Providing a pressing force of 450 tons, which gives—thanks to the low pressure hydraulic system with multiplier—an isostatic compaction pressure of up to 300 bar, the latest generation of LPP 1S-38 presses has several innovative design features that make it an ideal manufacturing solution.

Inspection equipment offers quality and payback for glass factories

The human eye is inaccurate when it comes to repetitive, quick visual inspection of small glass imperfections. Even more so as glass products and processes become more complex—with changing shapes, updated coatings and increasing value-adds. For glass fabricators to produce high-quality products that manage to keep up with the increasing pace of production, automated inspection is key.

Jingniu introduces 2 mm ultrathin fireproof microcrystal vision glass–ceramics

Jingniu recently introduced new 2 mm ultrathin aerospace glass–ceramics at the China’s Third Marine Equipment Expo. In addition to the characteristics that aerospace microcrystal float glass possesses, the 2 mm fireproof microcrystal clear glass has better transmittance and diathermancy. The fireproof aerospace glass–ceramics is a new Li2O-Al2O3-SiO2 inorganic nonmetal nanomaterial that offers non-deformation against high temperature and anti-burst feature against low temperature.

Ceramaterials hires application engineer Sean McFeely

Ceramaterials (Port Jervis, N.Y.) has hired Sean McFeely as an application engineer working out of the Port Jervis facility. McFeely is a mechanical engineer with a masters in organizational leadership. He began his engineering career in the automotive industry with Masland Industries and most recently worked in a product and market development engineering at Clarion Safety Systems.

Lucideon publishes new testing brochure

Lucideon has published its new Testing Brochure. Richard White, head of testing at Lucideon, says, “The new brochure not only summarizes our key testing and analysis services, but also features our people. It’s our people, their cross-industry knowledge, experience and innovative thinking, coupled with our state-of-the-art facilities, that make us a leading testing and materials development partner.” Download or view the new brochure at

RAK Ceramics makes new senior management appointments

RAK Ceramics expanded its management team with three new senior appointments, underlining its commitment to accelerate its growth momentum globally and reinforce the company with the best talent. The management team welcomes the addition of George Rabahie, chief legal counsel and company secretary, Rene Maan, regional vice president, and Philippe Habeichi, head of investor relations.