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Ceramics and glass business news of the week

Here’s what we are hearing:

Rankings of the world’s largest ceramic tile and sanitaryware producers

RAK group (United Arab Emirates) tops the ranking by tile output volumes. Marazzi Group leads the value-based ranking, which is dominated by Italian companies. Roca Group is the number one world sanitaryware manufacturer

Breakthrough indentation yield strength test by Nanovea

Nanovea has introduced a patent pending breakthrough method of reliably acquiring yield strength through indentation; ultimately replacing the traditional tensile testing machine for yield strength measurement. By using Nanovea’s Mechanical Tester in indentation mode, using a cylindrical flat tip, yield strength data can be easily obtained. Nanovea’s patent pending method, using a cylindrical flat tip, gives yield strength directly comparable to what is measured by traditional means.

Igniter producer GreenCell receives approval to trade under stock symbol GCLL

GreenCell Inc. is proud to announce that its shares are now publicly quoted under the stock symbol GCLL. GreenCell develops products using its proprietary formulas for ceramic composites in the transportation and appliance markets. GreenCell is currently focused on its first mix of igniter products for the automotive and the home heating markets. GreenCell’s gas ignition igniters and automotive product lines will use a ceramic fiber matrix composite called UltraTemp. The UltraTemp products used to make GreenCell’s composites are licensed to GreenCell by their cofounder company, SenCer Inc., a New York-based technology firm.

Paumanok Publications offers report — ‘Passive Electronic Components: World Market Outlook: 2011-2015’

This report was designed for end-users of passive electronic components who need to update their supply chain information for capacitors, resistors and inductors on an annual basis. This report was designed with input from major purchasers of passive electronic components and in direct response to industry needs. This report forecasts global consumption volume, value and pricing for ceramic, aluminum, tantalum, dc film and ac film capacitors; thick film chip resistors,resistor networks, integrated passive devices; metal film resistors, tin-oxide resistors, wirewound resistors, carbon film resistors; chip coil inductors, ferrite beads and bead arrays and wirewound inductor coils and ferrite cores.