Drafting and enforcing semiconductor patents

Protecting semiconductor device and fabrication process inventions can be challenging. This is because showing that such inventions are being used by others often requires reverse engineering, a process that is costly and time consuming and that may not even show that an invention is being used. Patent drafters who do not fully understand the underlying technology can thus make enforcement of valuable semiconductor IP very difficult.

Ultra-thin glass is the material of the future

Glass thinner than a human hair but strong and flexible is now being used in a wide variety of high-tech applications. Schott is one of the few companies in the world capable of manufacturing ultra-thin glasses that can be used in the cutting-edge features of mobile devices, substrates for flexible OLED displays and wearables, camera systems, micro batteries, processors, and fingerprint and bio-sensors.

Power company first to offer Tesla’s Powerwall to customers

Vermont-based Green Mountain Power will offer its approximately 265,000 customers the option to purchase or lease Tesla Powerwall batteries, something that no other utility company in the U.S. has done. Tesla’s Powerwall battery can be used with small solar power systems to store harvested energy or to store energy from an electrical power grid.

MEPs urged to fight carbon-trading rules and help ceramics industry

Ceramic industry leaders in the U.K. have called on their MEPs to fight new carbon-trading rules that could cost millions of pounds. In a meeting of the British Ceramics Confederation, members explained how proposed changes to the European emissions trading scheme could have dire consequences for the industry. The scheme aims to reduce CO2 emissions by forcing big polluters to pay for carbon credits, giving them a financial incentive to become greener.

LTI acquires Remtec Inc.

LTI, a manufacturer of precision glass-to-metal seals, has acquired Remtec Inc., a manufacturer of ceramic substrates, packages, and submounts based on proprietary PCTF technology. “The acquisition will benefit LTI’s domestic and international customers, as the combined companies will have even greater resources for product innovation, manufacturing efficiencies and customer service,” said Bruce Diggett, LTI president and CEO.

Quintus hot isostatic press to support innovative research at ORNL

Quintus Technologies will supply a hot isostatic press (HIP) to the U.S. DOE’s Manufacturing Demonstration Facility at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). ORNL’s new HIP will be used for research in demanding applications for aerospace, nuclear, gas turbines, and other advanced-technology industries, as part of its mission to enhance the competitiveness of American manufacturing.

INDOPLAS, INDOPACK, and INDOPRINT 2016 provide platform for growing market

Jointly organized by Messe Düsseldorf Asia and its local partner PT. Wahana Kemalaniaga Makmur, the next editions of INDOPLAS (The 10th Indonesian International Plastics Exhibition), INDOPACK (The 9th Indonesian International Processing and Packaging Exhibition), and INDOPRINT (The 9th Indonesian International Printing Exhibition) will take place concurrently Sept. 7–10, 2016, at the Jakarta International Expo in Indonesia.