Ceramco launches e-commerce portal for comprehensive line of ceramic fasteners

Ceramco Inc. (Center Conway, N.H.) announces the 24/7 availability of its new e-commerce portal. This portal is designed solely for the sale of Ceramco’s own solid zirconia and alumina fasteners. Upon visiting the portal, prospective buyers will find a comprehensive, easy to identify selection of machine screws, bolts, flat washers and hex nuts in both U.S. inch standard and metric sizes.

Logo unveiled for Air Products’ spin-off company Versum Materials

Air Products’ Materials Technologies business spin-off company Versum Materials today unveiled what will become the company’s new logo. Prior to the separation date, which is expected to be no later than September 2016, the company is expected to commence using its new logo.

NIST issues Notice of Intent to fund new Manufacturing Innovation institutes

NIST has issued a Notice of Intent to fund up to two institutes as part of the National Network for Manufacturing Innovation. For its first institutes, the Commerce Department will provide up to $70 million per institute over five to seven years. NIST is open to receiving proposals in any topic of interest to industry, particularly those relevant to manufacturing robotics and biopharmaceutical manufacturing.

U.S. trip offers hope for 7,000 jobs in Stoke-on-Trent

The ‘World Capital of Ceramics’ will be showcased to businesses—with the aim of bringing thousands of jobs to the Potteries. Regeneration experts and pottery firms will be jetting out to America in April 2016 for the Ceramics Expo in Ohio. They will be promoting Stoke-on-Trent’s new enterprise zone—which is set to create more than 7,000 jobs—to up to 200 companies.

Fairchild Semiconductor receives competing offer worth about $2.46B

Fairchild Semiconductor International Inc. says it has a received an unsolicited offer to buy its business, topping its existing deal with ON Semiconductor. The bidder is identified in SEC documents only as “Party G.” The new offer of $21.70 a share is valued at roughly $2.46 billion based on Fairchild’s 113.4 million shares outstanding.

Google helps analyze if rooftop solar panels are good deal

Google is rolling out a new online service that quickly tallies up considerations of going solar and whether homeowners should consider buying or leasing photovoltaic panels costing thousands of dollars. Google’s Project Sunroof combines the eye-in-the-sky images behind Google Earth with calculations on how much shade trees cast over a rooftop, data on local weather patterns, industry pricing and available subsidies to arrive at its bottom line.