Here’s what we are hearing:

New process viscometer catalog from Brookfield

Brookfield Engineering Laboratories is pleased to offer a brand new 24 page, full-color Process Control Viscometer Catalog. This catalog, specifically focused on measuring viscosity in-line, was created in response to the growing demand for process viscosity control solutions. In the first section of the catalog Brookfield presents answers to basic questions like… Why measure viscosity in-line? and, Why choose Brookfield? It also includes a list of typical questions to be considered when choosing a process viscometer.

Spartanics unveils designers’ turnkey digital print-to-laser cutting system

Designers of glass and tableware printed packaging and labels and a wide range of other products involving digital printing and/or digital finishing (laser cutting) can now direct and control ALL print and laser cutting finishing specifications at the earliest design stages with Spartanics’ latest laser cutting system.

Novomer selected as finalist in two ICIS Innovation Award categories

This year’s ICIS Innovation Awards has attracted a good number of high-quality entries, and the panel of five judges has labored long and hard to select the front-runners, as set out in the shortlist below. Winners in each category will be decided shortly and announced on October 17.

Nanocerox awarded STTP by Air Force to commercialize product

Nanocerox, located in Ann Arbor, Mich., was awarded a $2.5 million STTP (SBIR Technology Transition Plan) to scale up their powder production capabilities in order to supply sufficient quantities of nanocomposite materials for an undisclosed missile system.

Morgan Technical Ceramics Certech strengthens ceramic cores by up to 30%

Morgan Technical Ceramics Certech has pioneered a new manufacturing technique which strengthens its ceramic cores used in the investment casting process by 20-30 percent. The ceramic cores, which are used to cast high performance aerospace and industrial turbine blades, can now be manufactured with a tougher coating, enabling customers to improve yields and achieve associated cost savings.

Blastcrete’s X-10 Shotcrete Pump ideal for demanding refractory and commercial shotcrete applications

Blastcrete Equipment Company’s ultra-high pressure X-10 Pump is a reliable, powerful solution for demanding refractory installations and shotcrete applications. Easy to maintain, operate and own, the unit is designed to achieve quick ROI and provide dependable performance over a long product life. The X-10 is a 3-inch swing tube pump capable of pumping up to 12 cubic yards per hour, and can handle aggregate up to 3/4-inch diameter. Offering the highest piston face pressure in the industry at 2,200 PSI, it can pump material in excess of 500 feet, horizontally and vertically.

Attolight debuts first-ever quantitative cathodoluminescence microscope

Semiconductor specialists, ceramicists, materials scientist, geologists, solar panel and LED developers – Attolight AG is debuting the first-ever quantitative cathodoluminescence system, featuring nanoscale resolution and picosecond timing in an easy-to-use platform. At the heart of the Attolight CL line is a newly designed scanning electron microscope containing an embedded optical microscope, a 9-axis cryo nano-stage, and a fully integrated (not merely interfaced) cathodoluminescence system.

FuelCell Energy announces signing of two long term service agreements for power plants purchased by California utility

FuelCell Energy Inc., a leading manufacturer of ultra-clean, efficient and reliable power plants, today announced the signing of two multi-year service agreements with Pacific Gas and Electric Company to operate and maintain two 1.4 megawatt Direct FuelCell power plants previously purchased and located at two California universities. FuelCell Energy was contracted to install the plants and will maintain the power plants under the service agreements. Both plants are installed and have generated power with full operation expected within the next few weeks.