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Morgan Thermal Ceramics offers manufacturing capability and engineering expertise for fired refractory shapes in metals market

Morgan Thermal Ceramics announces the availability of fired refractory shapes, ideal for use in the metals manufacturing market. Products include pressed crucibles, tundishes, launders, and nozzles. Customers benefit from Morgan Thermal Ceramics’ technology, ensuring consistency among products and continuous product improvement. Morgan’s engineering experts provide design consultation, engineered drawings and address product performance questions. Among the products offered are Cerox fired refractory shapes and MRI pressed prefired refractory shapes. The materials are available in a range of compositions, including many specifically used for the manufacture of rotating and non-rotating airplane components and automotive turbochargers.

Multi-lab receives the Analog Devices ‘Supplier Excellence Award’

Analog Devices, a global leader in high-performance semiconductors, honored 14 companies with the 11th annual ‘Supplier Excellence Awards’, during a ceremony held in Hong Kong. A group of 14 suppliers were selected from among the more than 2000 companies that contribute to ADI’s global semiconductor manufacturing operations. Multi-lab QuartzTec was delighted to be awarded for the Critical Indirect materials category, and was present to accept a citation from Vince Simonelli (Analog Devices). QuartzTec, based in East Kilbride, Scotland, has been a key supplier to Analog Devices’ Limerick wafer Fab operation for many years.

Fusion Ceramics taps King as sales manager

Fusion Ceramics Inc. of Carrollton, Ohio, is pleased to announce the appointment of Wesley A. King to the position of technical sales manager. King holds degrees from the Ohio State University (BS, Ceramic Engineering) and the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University (PhD, Glass Science). His experience in the ceramics and glass industries includes previous positions with Dal-Tile, Saint-Gobain Abrasives, GE Quartz and Galileo Electro-Optics. King will be working from Fusion’s headquarters, and along with his wife, Chris, and their children, Connor and Erin, will be residing nearby in the Atwood Lake region. Established in 1971, Fusion Ceramics is a major supplier of glass frits, glazes, color stains, custom blends and raw materials to the ceramics and glass industries.

FEI announces new nanomanipulator and gas injector solutions for DualBeam systems

FEI, a leading instrumentation company providing imaging and analysis systems for research and industry, announced significant performance enhancements for its DualBeam systems. The new EasyLift nanomanipulator allows for improved ease of use, reliability, precision and integration in preparing ultrathin samples for analysis in a transmission electron microscope.The new MultiChem gas delivery system, used for direct beam-induced deposition and etching of materials, provides superior control and flexibility over the gas-injection process and features simplified maintenance. EasyLift is designed specifically for in-situ liftout TEM sample preparation and other demanding nanomanipulation activities. New accessories enable improved yield of ultrathin sample preparation and enhance flexibility and control of gas-assisted milling and deposition processes

Carbo Ceramics’ CEO Presents at Barclays CEO Energy/Power conference (transcript)

(Seeking Alpha) Speaking for the company this morning will be President and CEO, Gary Kolstad, and the company’s Chief Financial Officer, Ernesto Bautista. CARBO Ceramics is the leading provider of high-quality ceramic proppants to the oil and gas industry. Gary has been President and CEO for the past six years and Ernesto has been with the company in the role of Chief Financial Officer for more than three years. With that please help me welcome back Gary and Ernesto. “If you look and see where we do business at, the yellow dot show where we sell our products and services at and that’s about 50 countries around the world. The red stars indicate where we have ceramic manufacturing plants and that’s in Russia, China and the US. … Our main mission is that we make oil and gas wells produce better and increase recovery. And that’s something we wake up everyday and talk about and try and build our business around. We do that by improving the effectiveness of fracs. We have the number one frac design software, it’s call Fracpro. We have the highest conductivity proppant, we have expert consulting for completely wells, they work for E&P and both in the design as well as sitting on well sites for completions and analysis. And then we have data analysis for field development and that’s really a 100,000 foot view we put in things such as geology, the reservoir information, completion information, production information, frac information and we will run it through our neural network and then tell the E&P which factor is causing the greatest impact on production and recovery.

National Network for Manufacturing Innovation ‘Designing for Impact III’ workshop to be held

Please join us for the third in a series of regional public workshops to gather ideas and suggestions for the design of the proposed National Network for Manufacturing Innovation, to be held on Sept. 27, 2012, at the Arnold and Mabel Beckman Center of the National Academies of Sciences and Engineering, Irvine, California. The NNMI is a collaborative effort to improve the US manufacturing sector’s competitiveness and innovation performance, focusing on the scale-up of new product and process technologies. A broad public-private partnership and participation among manufacturing stakeholders from industry, academia, state and local government, economic-development and other organizations is essential. Invited speakers include industry executives, local and state leaders and administration officials as plenary and panelist speakers. The workshop will also feature interactive discussion sessions on topics key to the success of the NNMI and individual institutes.

Fiberweb appoints new director

Construction materials firm Fiberweb has appointed Andrew Hosty as a nonexecutive director, effective September 10, 2012. Hosty will be a member of the company’s Nomination, Remuneration and Audit Committees. Hosty was appointed CEO of the Morgan Ceramics Division of Morgan Crucible and joined the Morgan Crucible Bboard in July 2010. Before this appointment he held a number of senior positions within the Morgan Crucible Group including CEO of the Technical Ceramics Division from 2004 to July 2010. He is a nonexecutive director of British Ceramic Research Ltd. and was president of the British Ceramics Confederation from 2003 to 2005. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Materials, holds a PhD from the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Sheffield and is a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering.

Murata develops world’s smallest monolithic ceramic capacitor

Murata Manufacturing Co.has developed the world’s smallest (0.25 mm x 0.125 mm) monolithic ceramic capacitor, a first in the industry. The volume of this new capacitor is approximately 25 percent of the “0402 size” (0.4 mm x 0.2 mm), the predominant monolithic ceramic capacitor presently used in some smartphones. Murata will be exhibiting this innovative capacitor at its booth in “CEATEC Japan 2012”, which will be held from Oct. 2, 2012. Monolithic ceramic capacitors are assembled into all kinds of electronic devices and it is said that 400 to 500 of them are used in the latest smartphones. Murata has been working on research and development of ceramic capacitors since the company’s founding in 1944 and has been building up the company’s original element technologies in raw materials, manufacturing processes, manufacturing technologies, and so on. Compact mobile device module manufacturers started to extensively use monolithic ceramic capacitors that Murata introduced into the market in 2004. Today, its application has expanded to the main body of the smartphone.