Here’s what we are hearing:

Nanocerox expands Manufacturing and Research & Development operations by 20% to meet continued market demands

The company recently announced an expansion of the manufacturing and R&D facilities located in Ann Arbor, Mich. The newly added operations will allow Nanocerox to optimize its production capabilities into one location and expand its overall R&D capabilities, and provide ceramic nanopowders and optical ceramics to the marketplace.

Shipments of Solarban 70XL glass by PPG surpass 94 million square feet

The company announced that shipments of Solarban 70XL glass, a triple-silver-coated, solar control, low-emissivity (low-e) glass, have surpassed 94 million square feet. The glass, introduced in 2005 has a clear-glass appearance and feature a solar heat gain coefficient (of 0.27 and visible light transmittance of 64 percent. Solarban 70XL glass has been installed on more than 300 commercial buildings and has saved an average of more than $25 million per building.

DeCarlo joins Blasch Precision Ceramics as product development engineer

As Blasch Precision Ceramics’ new development engineer, Keith DeCarlo will complete material and process development projects and programs, providing the company with new ceramic application solutions for its customer base. DeCarlo will be responsible for the technical aspects in a number of current specific business development projects and comes to Blasch with bachelor’s and master’s degrees in ceramic engineering and a PhD degree in ceramic science all from the Inamori School of Engineering, Alfred University.

Netzsch, in collaboration with PNNL’s Joint Analytical System, has forged a breakthrough improvement in reaction gas analysis

Netzsch and JAS have coupled the simultaneous thermobalance-DSC to a gas chromatograph to yield additional findings to help in identifying the components released. The new system differs from similar instruments with its even-driven start of the measurement. This enables temperature-correlated detection of the substances released, which in turn allows for direct correlation with mass loss steps. PNNL will be using the new system to analyze the production of simulated radioactive waste glass from batch chemistry through the melt state while monitoring the evolved gasses. The data will then be used to populate models to predict melt performance through changes in composition.

Canadian venture capital fund invests $2.5M in American Aerogel

Cycle Capital Management announced a $2.5 million investment in a new company, American Aerogel Corporation, that develops and commercializes Aerocore, a more efficient thermal insulation. “At Cycle Capital, we’re committed to finding outstanding entrepreneurs in the cleantech sector and identifying the most promising innovations that have the potential to transform their market,” said Andree-Lise Methot, founder and senior partner of Cycle Capital.

Lucifer Furnaces ships box furnace to SunCoast Automation 2000 Inc.

The company recently sent SunCoast Automation 2000, which designs and builds automated systems for various industries, one of its Series 7000 line of box furnaces. The HL7 model has heating elements located on both side walls and reaches 2300°F. The heavy gauge, low watt density coiled elements are housed in easy-to-replace holders. The 6″H x 6″W x 12″L chamber is insulated with 2.5″ low-iron insulating brick as well as 2.5″ of mineral wool block for energy efficient operation and low outside shell temperature. A 1″ thick hearth plates provides a solid, strong work surface for parts. The double pivot horizontal swing door keeps the hot surface away from the operator at all times and is designed with a safety microswitch to shut power to heating elements when the door is opened. The heavy duty hinge and cam latch insure a positive door seal. An automated Honeywell digital time proportioning temperature controller for precision heat treating is mounted on the side wall of the unit.