New JEOL large angle EDS. Credit: JEOL.

Here’s what we are hearing:

Horiba Scientific offers new instruments for partical analysis

The new SZ-100 series instruments analyze key particle physical properties including size and zeta potential. In addition, it can be used to determine protein and polymer molecular weight, and second virial coefficient (A2). Particle size analysis is performed by dynamic light scattering. Zeta potential is measured by electrophoretic light scattering. Molecular weight and A2 are analyzed by static light scattering using a Debye plot. Typical applications include nanoparticles, colloids, proteins, biomolecules, and emulsions.

JEOL offers new large angle EDS for ultrafast elemental mapping of S/TEM samples

JEOL has developed a new generation of energy dispersive spectrometers for ultrafast, ultrasensitive collection of X-rays through analysis with its Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopes. Centurio from JEOL is a novel Silicon Drift Detector EDS that collects X-rays from samples at an unprecedented large solid angle of up to 0.98 steradians from a detection area of 100 mm2. The larger the solid angle of measurement, the more data the EDS collects to construct detailed analytical maps of the elements in the sample.

Siemens and Lynas to form a joint rare earth venture

Lynas Corp. (Sydney, Australia) is pleased to announce the signing of a Letter of Intent with the Siemens Drive Technologies Division of Germany to establish a joint venture company for the sustainable production of neodymium based rare earth magnets to serve Siemens’ production requirements for energy-efficient drive applications and wind-turbine generators.

PPG white paper compares four leading neutral-reflective, low-e glasses; Solarban R100 glass cuts energy costs, carbon emissions, according to study

A free 24-page white paper, based on analysis performed by the Architectural Energy Corporation, compares modeled energy savings for neutral-reflective, low-e glass in two building types—a three-story middle school and a 15-story office building— in 12 North American cities. The study showed that, when compared to the leading and next-best-performing neutral-reflective, low-e glass, Solarban R100 glass provided substantial energy and equipment savings over a building’s lifetime, regardless of climate.

Teledyne Hastings Instruments announces new power supply/display

THI recently introduced the THCD-100, a fully integrated five-digit display and power supply for a wide choice of gas mass flow meters, gas mass flow controllers and pressure transducers. The THCD features a bright graphical VFD display which allows the user to display the relevant units as well as navigate the easy-to-use interface. The THCD offers many user-convenient features including digital communications, alarm outputs with relays, configurable display units, multiple transducer supplies, etc. The instrument can also be customized for a particular application by the supply of custom firmware.

Murata announces an upgrade in acoustic characteristics of the ultrathin (0.5mm) piezoelectric speaker

By optimizing product structure and developing new materials, Murata succeeded in reducing distortion and upgrading the sound pressure level, while maintaining the small product size. With the recent growing trend to use mobile devices continuously for longer and longer periods of time, built-in batteries for these devices are becoming larger and larger. As the size of their batteries increases, the amount of space left for auditory and mechanical parts decreases, creating the need for even smaller and thinner speakers.