Ceramics Expo exhibitor spotlight: ALTEO | The American Ceramic Society

Ceramics Expo exhibitor spotlight: ALTEO

Ceramics Expo 2015

Since its founding in 1898 by brick manufacturers who saw a need to apply scientific methods and insights to manufacturing, The American Ceramic Society has served as a unique meeting point for manufacturers, suppliers, vendors, researchers, professionals, and students to exchange ideas, solve common problems, and build business relationships. ACerS is a proud founding partner of Ceramics Expo, which comes to Cleveland, Ohio, April 28–30. Presented by Smarter Shows (Brighton, U.K.), the inaugural trade show includes a free-to-attend exhibition and two-track conference, providing a “one-stop” marketplace for all of the raw materials, equipment, machinery, and technology used within the ceramic manufacturing supply chain.

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Over the next weeks leading up the expo and conference, we will preview a handful of the 150-plus manufacturers and suppliers who have signed on for the first Ceramics Expo (CEX).

Today, we turn the pre-show spotlight to ALTEO and talk to the company’s marketing and communication manager Amélie Ranger.

ALTEO, Booth 328

alteo_webFrom being the first producer of alumina 120 years ago, ALTEO has evolved into the leading, fully-integrated, global supplier of specialty aluminas, for various markets, in particular ceramics. To meet technical ceramics customers needs, ALTEO offers the world-class P-series low-soda aluminas:

–       P152 and P152SB, the industry benchmarks

–       P172LSB, highly reactive alumina

–       P172HPB, the new reference in high-purity and reactivity

–       P172SDP, ready-to-press powder

–       P112, P122, P662, semi-reactive standards

–       P162LSB, enhancing our reactive range

All available as calcined and superground (SB) as required.

Q: How did your company get its start?

A:  A stroke of genius! The distinguished inventor and industrialist, Karl Joseph Bayer, set up the first industrial plant to extract alumina from bauxite, in Gardanne, France. More than 120 years later, his process is still the primary route to alumina and ultimately, aluminium metal. That first plant in Gardanne has been producing ever since—first, smelter grade alumina, and now, specialty aluminas. We have a rich heritage starting with Karl Joseph Bayer and extending through Pechiney, Alcan, Rio Tinto, and now ALTEO.

Q: How have technology and innovation changed the nature of your business?

A: These continue to push us to higher levels of quality, inventiveness, and investment. We invest in our people and technology to ensure higher levels of quality and consistency of our products. We also invest in application and process R&D to help us find the solutions to ever-evolving customer needs. For the ceramics industry, this means better and more reliable physical, mechanical and ceramic properties; better process control; and increased purity levels.

Q: What’s the biggest challenge facing industry today?

A: The current business environment is turbulentwhether geo-political events, raw materials and fuel sourcing, or currency volatility. These factors make it difficult, but not impossible, to form a long-term projection for our industry. We believe, in addition to creating a viable, short-term vision, we also must work closely with our customers to identify the products and projects that will bring the best, long-term value. We closely monitor the business environment to gather information, including attending expos, such as CEX.

CEX Spotlight

Q: Tell us one thing most people don’t know or understand about your business.
A: We don’t make aluminum metal. Specialty alumina is a completely different product. Its remarkable properties make it a key component in a wide range of applications; many are associated with everyday use (LCD glass in our TVs and smartphones, critical ceramic parts in automobiles, petrochemicals and steelmaking), and of course, ceramics.

Q: What are you most looking forward to at Ceramics Expo? Why is Ceramics Expo so important to industry?
A:  It is exciting to be part of such an impressive gathering of companies associated with the ceramics industry. For ALTEO it is an excellent opportunity to meet many of our customers, to take the pulse of the industry, and to learn first-hand about upcoming advancements. Events, such as CEX, enable participants to meet, to exchange ideas – both formally and informally, and obtain a glimpse into the future direction of the industry.

To learn more about ALTEO, one of 150 manufacturers and suppliers exhibiting at the very first Ceramics Expo, visit them April 28–30 in Booth 328.

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