Three years ago, Ceramitec 2009 attracted about 15,000 visitors connected with all aspects of industries that use or manufacture ceramic materials. Three years later, Ceramitec 2012 organizers are planning for a similar success for the May 22-25 event in Munich. Credit:; Munich Trade Fairs Intl.

Ceramitec 2012 bills itself as the “industry’s leading trade fair,” and it would be fruitless to argue the point.

The fair occurs every three years and is global in its reach. The last event in 2009 attracted more than 650 exhibitors from 35 countries and somewhere around 15,000 visitors from 84 countries. That’s right, 15,000 visitors in one place at one time with ceramics on their minds. Organizers are working to make sure this year’s event in Munich is even more successful. It will be May 22-25 in Munich, Germany at the Munich Messe International.

The subtheme of the fair is “Technologies | Innovations | Materials.” The four-day event is comprehensive. Snooping around on the fair’s website, I learned that the fair is targeting very traditional ceramic industries like brick, tile, whiteware and tableware. However, it is also targeting highly engineered ceramic industries like electronics, powder metallurgy, refractories and more.

Vendors will be exhibiting the latest materials, testing rigs and production tools and equipment available for producing ceramic products.

To augment the international theme, there will be an India Day, where the focus will be on the growing ceramic industry in India. This builds on a round table visit that was part of the follow-up to Ceramitec 2009.

The week promises to be a very big one for the ceramics world. The International Symposium on Ceramic Materials and Components for Energy and Environmental Applications (an ACerS endorsed meeting) runs during the early part of the week, May 20-23, in Dresden. Organizers for both events have worked out a collaboration whereby the last day of CMCEE will be held at Ceramitec at the Munich Messe, which is expected to bring another 600-800 ceramic engineers and scientists to the trade fair.

So, if ceramics is your business, think about being in Germany this May. I’ll keep you tuned in to any other news I hear about either of these events.