Since we are on the subject on new efficiency records [see post here], I wanted to note that Australia’s Ceramic Fuel Cells Ltd. claims to have achieved 60% electrical efficiency from a natural gas powered fuel-cell “home appliance” while pushing 1.5 kilowatts to an external grid. Managing Director Brendan Dow claims solid oxide fuel cells are the real deal:

“We have now achieved 60% efficiency in a fully integrated fuel cell and heating system. This is not a laboratory test but a unit that has all the functions of a commercial unit for homes. Our company’s products will be located in the home, so 60% efficiency is at the power point, with no transmission or electricity distribution losses. We are able to trap the heat from our units and use it to heat a household’s water, taking our efficiency to 85%. Compare this to average efficiency of the current power grid in Victoria of less than 30% and it represents a huge advantage.”

CFC seems to be very buoyed by these developments and thinks it can also get a foot in the door for providing SOFCs as standalone electricity generators and auto charging stations. It also held a special company meeting yesterday (March 6) to gain approval for obtaining new investing by issuing A$20 million in new shares in the company, which I assume came off without a hitch.