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CM Furnaces turning 65

I recently received word that CM Furnaces in Bloomfield, N.J., is celebrating its 65th birthday this year. Although the company started out shortly after World War II as an enterprise by Seth Combs and James Murphy (supplying the “C and the “M” in the company name, respectively) to produce molybdenum and tungsten coils, they learned along the way how to create the furnaces needed for their refractory metals.

Although the furnace work started off just as a means to the ends Combs and Murphy were seeking, it evolved over time to the company’s core skill and main line of work (although the refractory metals is still a sideline).

Today, CM produces state-of-the-art standard and specialty furnaces for processing of high technology materials. Furnace atmospheres include air, hydrogen and inert atmospheres such as nitrogen, argon and helium.