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Earth Day Review – Photovoltaic energy advances

Credit: David Shankbone

Credit: David Shankbone

Photovoltaic energy systems are getting cheaper and more powerful. Materials researchers are racing to understand energy generation and transfer at the nano and atomic levels. They are also working with glass and film scientists to create systems that maximize the benefits of multiple materials. Here are some of the stories we have covered about photovoltaic materials:

Ferroelectric nanowires and other emerging electronic materials

Solid-state photovoltaics offer new path to solar energy

Video of solar panel hand production

Trough-focused PV/hot water system

Nocera’s simple solar-storage concepts

Caltech group demonstrates efficient 3D solar array

Penn group shows plasmons converting light to current

Cadmium oxide nanofibers show better performance in photovoltaic cells

Microphotovoltaics produce competitive results

Solarmer Energy breaks record with 7.9% efficiency

Georgia Tech group creates 3D photovoltaic system

Efficient solar from a carbon nanotube