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It’s got science, it’s got art—and the latest issue of the ACerS Bulletin is blurring all the lines between the two.

The cover story this month is a fascinating article by Glenn Gates, conservation scientist at the Walters Art Museum, about the scientific tools that are used by conservation scientists to study, preserve, and protect works of art. Gates showcases a number of real-world examples from the Walters’ collection that highlight the ways that science can inform art, and vice versa.

September also includes a feature article by Gregory Morscher, Craig Smith, Emmanuel Maillet, Chris Baker, and Rabih Mansour about measuring electrical resistance in ceramic-matrix composite components. This technology shows promise for detecting damage and monitoring the quality of these composites, which will soon be used in critical parts for commercial jet engines.

And it’s always important to give credit where credit is due—so the latest Bulletin issue also features a hearty round of applause to the ACerS Awards Class of 2014. Learn more about each of the 2014 Distinguished Life Members—Kathryn V. Logan, Arun K. Varshneya, and George G. Wicks—and get introduced to each the most recent crop of Fellows and awardees.

Plus, don’t forget that each issue also has the low-down on the latest ceramics, glass, and Society news, meeting sneak peeks and highlights, new products, and more.

All that valuable content in past issues of the ACerS Bulletin is also free to members—so considering joining today!