DOE announces availability of $30M for small business materials-oriented tech commercialization | The American Ceramic Society

DOE announces availability of $30M for small business materials-oriented tech commercialization

Materials folks – are you already working on a Phase II SBIR or STTR grants project and itching to take it to the next level? The DOE just announced that it is making available an additional $30 million to establish new small business related to clean energy.

The DOE is targeting 11 fields of technology and a wide range of applications, including innovative fuel cells, sensors, membranes, advanced materials, solar cells and concentrators, capacitors and magnets.

This is offering is being tagged as a Phase III funding offering that is part of the DOE’s Phase III Xlerator program. As noted above, Phase II recipients are eligible, but there is a catch: The deadline for applying is Aug. 4, 2010!

The range of grants are going to range from a minimum of $250,000 to a max of $3,000,000.

Here are the specific areas DOE is looking for:

Technology Target
Biomass Harvesting/Dewatering Technology for Algal Biofuels Production.
Building Transitional Technology for OLEDs
Solid state lighting  products made from OLEDs
“Core” technology for OLEDs
Fuel Cell Advanced Materials for Fuel Cell Technologies
Bio-Fueled Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
Geothermal High-Temperature Downhole Tools
High-Temperature-High-Volume Lifting
High-Temperature Downhole MWD Tools for Directional Drilling
Industrial Sensors and Controls
Industrial Membrane Process Systems
Advanced Materials
Integrated Reaction-Separation using non-thermal processes
Mitigation of Heat Losses, Fouling, and Scaling in key Manufacturing Unit Operations
Solar Lightweight, Flexible and Low Cost Multi-junction Solar Cells
Static Module PV Concentrators
New Methods of Crystallizing Silicon
Vehicles Technologies to Address Internal Heating in DC Bus Capacitors
Improved Magnetic Materials for Motors
Advanced Materials for Lightweight Vehicles
Wind Advanced Wind Power Technologies and Systems
Fossil Energy Pollution control
Advanced power systems
Stationary power fuel cells
Clean fuels
Carbon sequestration
Recovery of oil, natural gas, and methane hydrates
Advances in materials, sensors, monitors, controls, biotechnology, and computational processes
Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability Smart Grid Technologies and Systems
Electric Transmission Technologies
Superconducting Technology for Power Equipment
Advanced Materials for Power Electronics and Energy Storage
Nuclear Energy Advanced Instrumentation and Control, Radiation Resistant Sensors
Wireless On-Line Monitoring Systems for Nuclear Power Plant Applications