A “criticality matrix” shows how the impact of supply risk for certain critical minerals. This matrix was developed by the National Research Council panel for a 2008 report, “Minerals, Critical Minerals and the U.S. Economy.” Credit: NRC; NAE.

The Advanced Manufacturing Office of DOE’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy will be holding a half-day workshop on April 3 in Arlington, Va., to “discuss foundational aspects for a Critical Materials Energy Innovation Hub.” The registration deadline is soon — March 30!

The workshop anticipates a Funding Opportunity Announcement and will explain the concept of critical materials, review background and introduce the Critical Materials Hub focus and expectations.

The Hub’s mission includes “identifying more efficient use of critical materials in energy technologies and improving the efficiency, and reducing the production costs, for supplies of critical materials” to help reduce the risk of supply shortages and interruptions for domestic manufacturers.

A limited number participants can attend via webinar, and the entire event will be posted on the AMO website sometime after the event.

Outside of the DOE realm, see “Issues of scarce materials in the United States,” by Steve Freiman and Lynnette Madsen in the the April issue of The Bulletin (see e-magazine version online) for an in-depth analysis of critical and scarce materials. Freiman also was a guest on a recent Kojo Nnamdi radio show on the subject.