[Image above] Great Market Hall, Budapest. Credit: Joe Hunt, Flickr CC BY 2.0

Due to recent events that happened in Turkey, the 15th Conference & Exhibition of the European Ceramic Society (ECerS 2017) will be held July 9–13 in Budapest, Hungary, instead of Istanbul.

The conference will be co-organized by the Turkish Ceramic Society and the Hungarian Scientific Society of the Silicate Industry.

“Our goal is to organize a truly unforgettable event for all attending as students, scientists, artists, craftsman, and industrialists,” Servet Turan and Csaba Balázsi write in a statement on behalf of the ECerS 2017 organization committee.

ECerS 2017 offers a multi-disciplinary atmosphere that combines ceramics, materials science, chemistry, physics, art, design, archeology, dentistry, electronic, energy, industry, and academia. Attendees and presenters will explore and discuss developments in ceramic art, science, and technology under 12 different topics, including the latest energy applications, traditional ceramics, additive manufacturing technologies, cultural heritage and art, high-temperature production, and geopolymers.

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