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Friday federal funding facts

Okay, so now we are finally getting close to $.5 billion in actual checks being cut from DOE and NSF. (If you haven’t cast a vote in our poll on when DOE will cross the $1 billion mark, please step up and make your predictions.)

Also, the DOE upped its promised spending over the last few days by over $500 million:

  • $343 million grid transmission update project in Washington and Oregon to deliver almost 600 megawatts of renewable wind energy to homes and business in the West;
  • $38 million to improve states’ emergency preparedness plans and ensure quick recovery and restoration from any energy supply disruptions such as blackouts, hurricanes, ice storms, and disruptions to heating supplies;
  • $66 million to expand weatherization assistance programs in Alaska, Colorado, Connecticut and Hawaii;
  • $119 million to support energy efficiency and renewable energy projects in Alabama, American Samoa.

NSF also reports (at least numerically) that it has allocated another $250 million, but it is not immediate clear where these new funds are going.

    Department of Energy (4.5% paid out):

    National Science Foundation (1.3% paid out):