[Image above] Colleagues from Harper International, a Ceramics Expo 2015 exhibitor, pose on the exhibition floor. Credit: ACerS

Question: Where can you go to find a one-stop marketplace for the ceramic and glass industries under one roof?

Answer: Ceramics Expo!

The first-ever Ceramics Expo, held last April in Cleveland, Ohio, delivered 171 exhibitors and more than 2,100 attendees from 25 countries and representing 1,000 organizations. And next year’s event is expected to be even bigger. (Check out the Ceramics Expo 2015 post-show report to learn more about the event’s success.) 

During the Expo, ACerS had the opportunity to get exhibitors’ perspectives on the event and talk with them first-hand about their experiences in this latest video. The consensus: it was one of the best trade shows they’ve attended in years. Traffic to their booths was high with qualified leads, and they left with new business.

Credit: ACerS; YouTube


“The experience has been fantastic. It’s been a great show… it’s just really exciting to see all the great energy in the ceramics industry, meet some great customers, and just have a chance to make some new business as well. It’s really been terrific.”

     — Bob Fidler, Netzsch Instruments

“Our experience has been very great. We’ve had a lot of visitors at our booth. The traffic has been going really well… We’ve made some great contacts and have seen a lot of old customers and friends. We’re really excited to exhibit here next year as well.”

     — Courtney Scribner, Harper International

“We really are enjoying the show—it’s been the best one we’ve seen in some years. Traffic has been great, and, I’ll tell you, the first morning I had more qualified leads than I have seen in the last three shows I’ve been to.”

     — Charlie Birks, Keith Company

“The Ceramics Expo has been great. I’ve seen lots of traffic—can’t wait for next year.”

     — Phil Hamling, Zircar Ceramics

“There’s been a really good turnout here. We’ve had a lot of traffic at our booth. We’ve enjoyed the Expo and plan on being back next year.”

     — Bill Harasty, Swindell-Dressler

“We’ve had a lot of traffic… a lot of people who we normally wouldn’t reach out to or they wouldn’t normally reach out to us. It’s been good for us.”

     — Jacob Lassinger, Associated Ceramics and Technology Inc.

“I’m quite pleased. I’ve had a lot of conversations and scanned in some good leads.”

     — John Rutledge, IRD Ceramics

Adam Moore, Ceramics Expo event director, says he expects the show to “double in size next year and be more valuable to exhibitors and attendees than ever before.” We’re talking 350 exhibitors and 4,000 attendees—and nearly 75% of 2015 vendors were already booked for 2016’s event before the show ended. 

So make sure to be part of the action at Ceramics Expo 2016! The event will be held April 26–28 in Cleveland, Ohio.

Did you attend Ceramics Expo 2015? Do you plan to attend 2016’s event? Share your experiences with us in the comments!