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GE Aviation on hiring spree, but they’re not alone

1217CTT careercenter

 1217CTT careercenter

GE Aviation posted eleven positions on the ACerS Career Center website this fall, and based on LinkedIn feeds I’ve been getting, they are still actively recruiting. Be sure to check them out if you or someone you know is looking for a position. As we’ve been reporting, GE is investing heavily in additive manufacturing, ceramics, and ceramic matrix composites for its new LEAP engine. Presumably all this new manpower is related.

If none of those seem quite right, the ACerS Career Center has more than 150 jobs listed from across the country for a wide range of occupations.

We also have an opening here at ACerS for an associate editor. If you are technically oriented; know the difference between silica, silicon, and silicone; and have some writing and editing chops, give us a holler (in well-constructed full sentences, of course!).