From Tuesday’s gala dinner at the CMCEE conference this week in Dresden, Germany. In contemporary garb from left are ACerS President George Wicks; ACerS Executive Director Charlie Spahr; CMCEE Cochair Jay Singh; CMCEE Chair Alex Michaelis; and CMCEE Cochair Tatsuki Ohji. It is not clear whether the oversize Dresdonians are depicting famous, historical ceramic engineers or not. Credit: Z. Spahr.

Two simultaneous events have made Germany the epicenter of the ceramics industry this week.

The 10th International Symposium on Ceramic Materials and Components for Energy and Environmental Applications (CMCEE) took place in Dresden, Germany, and Munich was host to the week-long Ceramitec 2012 trade fair.

Representing the Society at both events were President George Wicks, and Executive Director Charlie Spahr. Of the Dresden event, Spahr says, “The CMCEE conference was very successful with more than 300 sessions and more than 600 attendees. On May 23 in the afternoon, many of the conference attendees travelled down to Munich to hold an additional day of CMCEE proceedings in conjunction with the Ceramitec show, where both ACerS and AACCM had display booths.”

CMCEE and Ceramitec, in recognition of the intimate connection between research, innovation and manufacturing, organized a joint “Technical Ceramics Day,” where the last day of CMCEE was held at the Ceramitec site. The program focused on research close to industrial concerns, with targeted sessions, such as Raw Materials and Equipment, Energy Efficiency, Ceramic Components for Energy and Environment, and Networks.

Morgan Ceramics at Ceramitec. Credit: Messe Muenchen GmbH.

Ceramitec organizers were expecting over 600 exhibitors, including ACerS and the American Association of Ceramic Component Manufacturers, a partner organization with ACerS.

In case you were not among the 15,000 visitors to Ceramitec, you can see some of the exhibitors this July in Chicago at the 4th International Congress on Ceramics.

Morgan Technical Ceramics is the exclusive sponsor of the Ceramic Leadership Summit Track at ICC4 and had a big booth at Ceramitec. Zircoa, a familiar company to the ceramics industry, was also there.

Zircoa's exhibit at Ceramitec. Credit: Messe Muenchen GmbH.

Zircoa's exhibit at Ceramitec. Credit: Messe Muenchen GmbH.

Spahr says a highlight of his visit to CMCEE was a side trip with Wicks and several others to the Fraunhofer IKTS facility, hosted by CMCEE chair, Alex Michaelis and “his great staff.” Regular CTT readers know that we follow the work being done at the Frauenhofer Institutes and frequently tell you about their latest research.

Finally, Spahr was delighted to be there for the announcement that ACerS will be the host society for CMCEE 2015 in Vancouver, BC. The conference will be led by Jay Singh, with Alex Michaelis and Tatsuki Ohji serving as cochairs.