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[Image above] Credit: GM Corp

Headline credit goes to my favorite ocean—Billy Ocean.

I am convinced the new Chevrolet FNR concept car has come back to us from the future. I mean, look at it.

According to a GM press release, the FNR “boasts a futuristic capsule design”—which may be the biggest understatement ever.

With its sleek all-glass top and magnetic hubless wheels, the vehicle looks like it was driven right off the set of Tron, Bladerunner, or any other über-futuristic movie.

By comparison, the FNR’s sleek design makes our previous concept car stories about Mazda’s ceramic stylings and Mercedes-Benz’s multivoltaic paint seem like small change—the FNR comes equipped with swinging dragonfly-style doors, crystal laser headlights and taillights, a sprawling electronic display, and gesture control.  

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Credit: GM Corp

And, because it’s the future, the car drives itself.

To control its wirelessly-charged electric drivetrain, the FNR is equipped with sensors and radars that enable the car itself to “map out the environment to enable driverless operation,” the release states.

And to make sure your future car doesn’t drive away with someone else, it’s thoughtfully equipped with Minority Report-esque iris recognition start.

Because the car keeps its crystal laser eyes on the road, you don’t have to—which means more time to enjoy your company. With the flick of a wrist, the car’s front seats swivel around to face the bench seats, “creating a more intimate setting” amongst the six possible riders.

The concept—which, unfortunately, is just that—was designed by GM’s Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center team and recently made its debut at the Shanghai GM Gala Night. The car is currently on display for “oohs” and “ahhs” at Auto Shanghai 2015.

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Credit: GM Corp

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Credit: GM Corp

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Credit: GM Corp

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Credit: GM Corp

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Credit: GM Corp