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Glass—How has it changed human lives?

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[image above] Cover from “The Glass of Wine,” by James and Penelope Shackleford, published by Wiley/ACerS. Credit: Wiley

How much did you use glass today?

  • Turned on a light?
  • Tapped your smartphone touchscreen?
  • Stopped at a red traffic light?
  • Drank a glass of orange juice?
  • Looked out the window?
  • Used the internet (optical fibers)?
  • Experimented using glass labware?
  • Toasted the day with an evening glass of wine?

Glass is one of the most important materials enabling the development of modern civilization. But which advances in glass science and technology have had the greatest impact on humankind? 

We’d like to know what you think for an upcoming article, “Glass Through the Ages,” by John Mauro and Arun Varshneya.

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Tell us how glass makes a difference in your life!