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Are you planning to attend the 2018 Glass and Optical Materials Division Meeting (GOMD 2018) next week? There is still time to register!

Through June 30, ACerS and Wiley are offering free access to a special collection of nearly 30 journal articles authored by GOMD 2018 plenary speakers, conference organizers, and session chairs in the International Journal of Applied Glass Science and the Journal of the American Ceramic Society.

Are you interested in learning how atom probe tomography can be applied to insulating glass and ceramics? Then you’ll definitely want to read “Effects of optical dopants and laser wavelength on atom probe tomography analyses of borosilicate glasses,” by GOMD 2018 program chair Jincheng Du and other researchers.

Learn how Stookey Lecture of Discovery lecturer Wolfram Höland and his research team developed a way to tailor the coefficient of thermal expansion of lithium disilicate‐based glass‐ceramics by controlled twofold precipitation of Li2Si2O5and CsAlSi5O12 in the paper, “Tailoring the thermal expansion of glass‐ceramics by controlled twofold crystallization of Li2Si2Oand CsAlSi5O12.”

Perhaps you want to learn more about the challenges of glass relaxation, especially in high-tech applications of glass. You’ll be interested to learn that GOMD secretary John Mauro and researchers have enabled the quantitative prediction of relaxation behavior for new glass compositions in the paper, “Predictive model for the composition dependence of glassy dynamics.”

And did you know that both X‐ray diffraction and DSC techniques were used to demonstrate that an original Ge15Ga20S65 composition can be prepared in the amorphous state by using mechanical milling starting from raw metallic elements? Xiang-Hua Zhang, who will deliver the Darshana and Arun Varshneya Frontiers of Glass Technology Lecture, makes the case with his research team in the paper, “Amorphization by mechanical milling for making IR transparent glass‐ceramics.”

You can read these and more free articles on Wiley’s website here.

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