We timed it just right—the April ACerS Bulletin makes its online debut to coincide with the official start to spring (at least here in the Northern hemisphere)!

Additive manufacturing holds the spotlight for April, with a cover story penned by former ACerS director of communications Peter Wray. Wray explores how additive manufacturing is turning manufacturing practices inside out. How did we get to this current “Age of AM,” as he calls it? And will additive manufacturing disrupt current practices? You’ll have to read the story to see for yourself.

To drive it home, Wray also investigates how the ceramic industry is embracing additive manufacturing in a separate piece. He consults with industry experts to see which processes will be most likely to accept the loving embrace of AM, and how manufacturing will be changed as a result.

And that’s just the start. Patents are integral to business, but many of us are not familiar with the changes to patent law wrought by the recent passage of the America Invents Act. Patent and intellectual property attorney (and former ceramic engineer) Steven Ritchey introduces the fundamentals of the new patent laws for us in part one of a two-part patent series. Ritchey distills the important information for you with the help of a unusual duo—patent law and a cartoon.

The April issue also includes an important piece of history with excerpts from a interview of Johannes Liebermann about the history of alumina-enriched porcelain for high-voltage electrical insulators. Plus, Oh-Hun Kwon delivers a review of the book “Thriving in the 21st Century Economy: Transformational Skills for Technical Professionals.”

Plus research and news shorts, ACerS news and announcements, and all the stuff you look forward to with every issue. Don’t forget, past issues of the ACerS Bulletin are free to members—so considering joining today!