Ya gotta hand it to Honda for positioning itself at the front of the this game-changing technology. On the heels of the release of its FCX Clarity sedan, Honda displayed a three-seater fuel cell sports car, the FC Sport Wednesday at the LA car show. It has a low profile and centers the driver in the front and adds two passenger seats in the rear. Basically, it uses the same V Flow fuel stack as the Clarity. The V Flow is a proton exchange membrane fuel cell. I haven’t seen a demonstration of exactly how this works, but Honda says, “The enclosed canopy opens upward from the rear to allow for entry and exit. Honda is also trying to leverage the max out of the clean-tech theme. From its press release:

The glacier white body colour is intended to convey the FC Sport’s clean environmental aspirations while the dark wheels and deeply tinted glass provide a symbolic contrast befitting of the vehicle’s unique combination of clean power and high performance. Green construction techniques further contribute to a reduced carbon footprint. An organic, bio-structure theme is carried through to the body construction where exterior panels are intended to use plant-derived bio-plastics.

Update: Here’s a video of the FC Sport, but the host spoils the news by revealing that . . . well, just watch and see: