If you are in the UK on June 15, celebrate glass making, 'glassperts' at GlassFest | The American Ceramic Society

If you are in the UK on June 15, celebrate glass making, ‘glassperts’ at GlassFest

Credit: I. Kirton/United Bottlemakers of Yorkshire

Mark your calendars—this sounds like fun!

From Ian Kirton via LinkedIn:

Bringing together the largest group of bottle makers the world has ever seen. Bottle makers have been invited from the seven glass container plants in Yorkshire to bring their families out and have a fun day. Yes there will be fair ground rides and bouncy castles all the fun of an English country fair and, yes, there will be a bar selling good English ale and, yes, the Army and Navy will be recruiting as I said all you would expect to see at a country fair, but this country fair is a bottle makers fun day so how could the United Bottle Makers of Yorkshire miss out on the chance to capture that knowledge and history. We will be creating a potted history of the glass industry; we are inviting glass workers new old and retired to leave us with a story or two of their experiences in the glass industry. These people are the real Glassperts. We are expecting stories going back 50 years; we will try and capture this living history before the Glassperts take it to the grave. If there is there any companies out there who wish to support GlassFest and Glassperts please feel free to contact me.

The festival has its own Facebook page, too.

We need something like this in the US, both for glass making and ceramic making.