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Have you perused the latest edition of the International Journal of Applied Glass Science (IJAGS)? There’s a new editor in town!

Mario Affatigato, professor of physics at Coe College, was named editor-in-chief last year, following in the footsteps of IJAGS founding editor L. David Pye.

“His guidance of the young journal had been invaluable and made my job much easier,” Affatigato says of his predecessor. In the year since taking over leadership of the journal, Affatigato has overseen several changes, including accelerating the publication schedule and implementing the accepted article view protocol.

What makes the April issue of IJAGS significant is that it’s the first issue with content fully curated by Affatigato.

“This issue contains topics and authors that I feel will have a high impact on the readership of the field,” Affatigato explains. “From the use of glass in the human body, to the ever-important quest for stronger glass, to the growing role of specialty fibers, and to the singular challenge of understanding the very nature of a random, amorphous structure, this issue points to the thriving state of the field of glass science and its applications.”

Affatigato adds that future issues of IJAGS will explore new areas where glass is making headway, “which will create new opportunities for research and commercial work.”

If you check out the table of contents, you’ll notice a prevailing theme of glass strength, among others. For example:

  • Learn how atomic network topology could contribute to flaw generation and stress-assisted growth of glass in Arun Varshneya’s article, “Stronger glass products: Lessons learned and yet to be learned.”
  • Or find out how a layer of biodegradable polymer contributes to the flexural strength of glass scaffolds for repairing bone defects in “Mechanical properties of bioactive glass/polymer composite scaffolds for repairing load bearing bones,” by Ali Mohammadkhah and Delbert E. Day.
  • How does ion exchange below glass transition temperature affect glass strength? Read about it in Guglielmo Macrelli’s article, “Chemically strengthened glass by ion exchange: Strength evaluation.”

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Credit: Wiley Online Library

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