Carbo Ceramics relocates its headquarters

The company’s new offices are located at Energy Center II, 575 N. Dairy Ashford, Suite 300, Houston, Texas 77079. The company’s new phone number is (281) 921-6400. Sales and technical staff will remain in Irving, Texas to address the needs of locally based clients.

Heason wins order for French synchrotron nanoscale manipulator,

Heason Technology has won a £250,000 order from Synchrotron Soleil, the French national synchrotron facility and research laboratory, to design and manufacture a 14-axis nanoscale manipulator to position samples. The manipulator will position samples for soft X-ray scanning. This is part of a scanning photoemission microscope project called ANTARES that is designed to provide the global scientific community with the means to examine structures at the atomic level and will be of benefit to pioneering research in soft condensed matter in areas of interest, such as microelectronics and nanotechnology.

FEI offers new transmission electron microscope

FEI today announced the release of the Tecnai Osiris™ scanning/transmission electron microscope (S/TEM), delivering revolutionary analytical speed and performance. It includes FEI’s new ChemiSTEM technology, which reduces the time for large field-of-view elemental mapping from hours to minutes. The Tecnai Osiris is designed to combine this breakthrough analytical throughput with exceptional ease-of-use to meet the requirements for both high-volume industrial and multi-user research laboratories.

MV Products offers vacuum pump inlet traps for solar cell and LED manufacturing

A line of vacuum pump inlet traps for processes that create large volumes of solid byproducts such as those used in manufacturing solar cells and LEDs is available from MV Products of No. Billerica, Mass. MV Multi-Trap Vacuum Inlet Traps feature a knock-down stage with two stages of user-selectable filter elements including stainless steel gauze, 2-, 5-, and 20-micron polypropylene and polyester. Ideally suited for MOCVD, HVPE, PECVD or PVC processes used in manufacturing solar cells and LEDs, which generate high solids, these traps help reduce vacuum pump failures.