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Industry headlines

Cleveland Vibrator introduces 3D motion sifter for difficult-to-screen materials

The company has expanded its comprehensive line of coarse and fine material vibratory screeners with the Twin Motor Sifter. Engineered with three control variables – vibrator force, frequency and drive angle – the Twin Motor Sifter boasts a three-dimensional motion that ultimately results in greater throughput of difficult to screen products. This distinctive 3-D vibratory action, coupled with Cleveland Vibrator’s ultrasonic deblinding system, enables fine material screening capabilities for applications down to 20 microns.

Fritsch offers super compact laser particle sizer

The company says its Analysette 22 MicroTec plus is an all-round-laser with unlimited possibilities and outstanding features, including compact size and compact price. It has an extra wide measuring range of 0.08 – 2000 µm and revolutionary dual-laser-technology. The Analysette’s measuring cells are located in convenient cartridges that can easily be switched from wet to dry measurements. It also has a variable measuring range, a wet dispersion unit equipped with a powerful centrifugal pump for the optimal transport of even heavy particles, an intelligent liquid-level-sensor and flexible software, which also manages even complex measurement sequences fully automatic and reproducible, result in a powerful system for challenging dispersion and measurement requirements as well. Additionally, the Analysett has fast analysis times, good reproducibility, ease of operation and calibration, large measurable particle size ranges in one single measurement.

Minox/Elcan expands NY toll processing facility

The company says it has enlarged its unique toll processing plant located in Mamaroneck, N.Y. Its screening capability affords customers the option of sending any quantity of material to be separated on either the Kroosher Multi-Frequency Screener or the Minox Tumbler Screener. Kroosh and Minox technology can separate complex materials such as very fine powders, sticky products, and delicate agglomerates and yield more than most conventional screeners with the ability of screening down to 10 micron. Minox/Elcan also can assist customers with testing and developing new products in their lab. Toll processing can be a cost-effective approach when dealing with low volumes or difficult to produce products, and a logical way for customers to achieve success without being capital committed.