Shimadzu Showcases New Autograph AGS-X Series Universal Testers

The AGS-X delivers efficient, precise tensile and compression tests for the rubber, plastic and film industries. With the AGS-X, users can perform a three- or four-point bending test, peeling test, and tear tests on various materials, including thermostatic resins. The tester’s crosshead achieves 1,500 mm/minute return speed, significantly reducing the time required to conduct repetitive testing. Ergonomically designed to provide superior comfort to operators, the AGS-X features a lowered multipurpose tray and table for jig mounting. The open design of the multipurpose tray surface can accommodate a large number of test specimens and jigs. The AGS-X also utilizes the new and easy-to-use TRAPEZIUM LITE X software. A refined interface provides easy one-touch method selection. Shimadzu also has automated many tedious operations using macros so that a sequence of operations frequently conducted after testing is now fully automated.

VIPER 6000 AFP will produce composite parts for EADS Astrium space launch and telecommunications satellites programs.

EADS CASA Espacio, a wholly-owned subsidiary of EADS ASTRIUM, has purchased a Viper 6000 AFP system from MAG Industrial Automation Systems for automated fabrication of composite structures for the Ariane 5, Vega and Soyuz space launch programs, as well as advanced telecommunications satellites. The new automated fiber placement system was installed in July in the EADS ASTRIUM Center of Excellence for Composite Materials in Madrid, Spain, where it joins a MAG Charger Flat Tape Layer  and Viper system previously purchased by EADS. The Viper can produce panels up to 6.3m/20.7 ft in diameter and is the most advanced manufacturing equipment for complex-geometry 3D structures. It enables independent control over feed, clamp, cut and start for up to 32 individual tows or slit tape, allowing automated “on-the-fly” adjustment of the fiber band width, controlled bending of fiber layout around changing contours and precise configuration of openings. The multi-strand control allows wrinkle-free, near-net shape lay-up of enclosed and deeply contoured structures and concave/convex surfaces for precision production of fuselage sections, panels, cowls, ducts and nozzle cones for commercial, military and space vehicles. MAG also recently introduced an automated system for producing wind turbine blades that will dramatically reduce manufacturing times, while significantly increasing quality and longevity of the blades.

SCI Engineered Materials awarded Phase II research contract

SCI Engineered Materials Inc., a manufacturer of ceramics and metals for advanced applications in the physical vapor deposition industry, today announced it has been awarded a two-year Phase II Small Business Innovation Research contract concerning “Homogenous BSCCO-2212 Round Wires for Very High Field Magnet.” BSCCO is a superconducting material containing bismuth, strontium and calcium. This contract enables SCI to continue efforts to develop High Jc performance in BSCCO-2212, which is currently the only superconducting material manufactured in round wire form that works successfully in high magnetic fields over 12 Tesla.  This is a requirement for new generation magnets under development for high energy physics experiments. SCI’s application was for approximately $650,000. The final amount of this award is subject to the completion of financial negotiations with the U.S. Department of Energy. This contract is the third award SCI has received to pursue further development of high performance superconducting material.The company also reported that in June it received an order for $1 million of thin film solar products to be shipped by year-end.  This is the first significant order SCI has received for these products. Thin film solar orders received in the second quarter 2009 exceeded shipments of thin film solar products for the entire year 2008.