Ipsen Ceramics is totally focused on customer service

Over 50 years has made Ipsen Ceramics an expert in the field of high temperature refractories and production of kiln furniture. Ipsen Ceramics has become a leader in the toll firing business where we process a wide variety of materials. Ipsen Ceramics gives you the flexibility to extend your firing capacity to cover peaks in your production needs. Your job is handled with the same technological expertise and precise on-line control Ipsen is known for.

Angstrom offers optical polishing and fabrication

Angstrom Precision Optics is a leading manufacturer of quality precision polished and machined optical elements. Its products include windows, wedges, fiber optic components, micro-optic components, filters, prisms, CNC machined substrates, lenses, and cylinders for UV, visible, and IR applications. It is experienced in aerospace, biomedical, astronomical, military/defense, industrial, commercial, electro-optical, telecommunications, universities, R&D, micro-optics, UV, visible and IR applications. 2-3 day express service is available.

Horiba receives patent for dry particle supplying device

The World Intellectual Property Organization has granted a new patent to Horiba Instruments Inc. for a device that disperses dry particle samples into an elementary particle state during the introduction of the sample into a particle size measuring apparatus. In a typical instrument, the sample particles often adhere together due to electrostatic, magnetic or other similar forces even in a dry state. The result can cause fluctuations of the sample flow and sample dispersion which can lead to errors when the measuring apparatus attempts to measure and analyze the sample. The newly patented dry particle supplying device can better supply particles in a homogeneous elementary state and a continuous flow rate, creating the most accurate dry method testing in the industry.