Industry news from this week: Carbo Ceramics, Chromalloy, Panalytical and Carlisle Brake & Friction | The American Ceramic Society

Industry news from this week: Carbo Ceramics, Chromalloy, Panalytical and Carlisle Brake & Friction

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Carlisle Companies announces new headquarters for Carlisle Brake & Friction

Effective Jan. 1, 2011, the new global headquarters for Carlisle Brake & Friction will be located in Solon, Ohio, former headquarters to the Hawk Corporation’s Wellman Products Group. On Dec. 2, 2010, Carlisle completed its acquisition of the Hawk Corp., which, in addition to Carlisle Industrial Brake & Friction, will accentuate Carlisle’s position as the global leader in high performance braking solutions. As a result of the acquisition, Hawk Corp. headquarters in downtown Cleveland will be closed with personnel relocated to Solon.

PANalytical raise performance bar with launch of new Epsilon 3 benchtop EDXRF spectrometers

PANalytical’s new range of Epsilon 3 benchtop energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometers challenges convention and outperforms expectations. Able to deliver accurate, precise and reliable results right across the periodic table, Epsilon 3 and Epsilon 3 XL versions match — and in some cases surpass — the analytical performance of larger, more powerful spectrometers.

Market leading light-element performance, full data traceability and a variety of software options for state-of-the-art standardless analysis, rapid identification fingerprinting or regulatory compliance, characterize the range. The new Epsilon 3 instruments offer cost-effective and capable alternatives for a wide variety of applications and industries.

Florida Governor Rick Scott joins Chromalloy in groundbreaking at new $5 million ceramic core production facility in Tampa

The company’s new 150,000 square foot investment casting foundry in Tampa — Chromalloy Castings — was unveiled in December 2010 and is fully online. The foundry expanded the company’s casting capability to pour up to one million pounds of superalloy turbine components and parts for aerospace, aero-derivative and industrial gas turbine engines.

Ceramic cores are utilized in the investment casting process to form complex cooling passages within the components, which are necessary to operate effectively in the hot and highly stress sections of gas turbine engines. “The new facility will supply the critical ceramic cores used to cast superalloy turbine engine vanes and blades,” Lauzon said. “Being co-located with the foundry, it will help us to serve our customers with even stronger production times.”

Carbo Ceramics has strong quarter

On Jan. 27, Carbo reported its fourth quarter results and blew by the Zacks Consensus Estimate by 17%. Earnings per share were 91 cents compared to the consensus of 78 cents. Revenue climbed $29.5 million to $119.6 million. Proppant sales volume rose 20% to 332 million pounds. Breaking it down by geographic segment, proppant sales volume rose 17% in North America (excluding Mexico) and 37% in the international segment compared to the fourth quarter of 2009.