This is another video from Squidie showing an experiment with NOVA, a 10x10x10 3D LED grid system developed by ETHZ (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology). Images (from a webcam) become clear and then vanish as the viewer’s angle changes. The artists behind this experiment say the video doesn’t fully reveal the visual power of NOVA: “These images do not do the system justice: beside being 2D representations of a 3D visual, they don’t fully convey the shimmering beauty of NOVA, especially in the dark.”

This is actually a “Baby NOVA” grid and located at Technopark, in Zurich. Apparently there is a larger one that is a 50x50x10 grid, and is viewable at Zurich Central Station.

ADDING – Coincidentally, one of ACerS-sponsored lectures at the upcoming MS&T’09 conference features a speaker from ETHZ. Ludwig J. Gauckler, a materials scientist at the institute will be giving the Edward Orton Jr. Memorial Lecture on “Innovations through Ceramic Processing by Tailoring Solid-Liquid and Solid-Gas Interfaces.”