1008ctt Serbian Ceram Soc 3

1008ctt Serbian Ceram Soc

Delegates attending the second technical conference organized by the Serbian Ceramic Society in Belgrade, Serbia, Sept. 30–Oct. 1, 2013. (Credit: Mitic.) 

Last week the Serbian Ceramic Society held its second conference, “Advanced Ceramics and Application II: New Frontiers in Multifunctional Material Science and Processing.” The Society was the lead organizer in partnership with the Institute of Chemistry, Technology and Metallurgy, the Institute for Technology of Nuclear and Other Raw Mineral Materials, the Institute for Testing of Materials, and the Archeological Institute of SASA.

The conference was organized around themes of opening new frontiers for designing advanced ceramic materials for device miniaturization, materials for energy, and cultural heritage preservation. Technical sessions covered topics related to fundamental theoretical research, modeling and simulation, controlled nanostructured materials synthesis, and optimization of consolidation processes.

According to Serbian Ceramic Society president Vojislav Mitic, the conference, held in Belgrade, Serbia, was attended by more than 100 scientists and artists from Serbia, Romania, Japan, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Brazil, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Poland, and more. Mitic provided a few images from the event.

1008ctt Serbian Ceram Soc 2

The technical program focused on processing for energy, electronics, and nanotechnology. (Credit: Mitic.)

1008ctt Serbian Ceram Soc 4

Each technical session included presentations on the science of preserving cultural artifacts. (Credit: Mitic.)